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Queen Mistaken for Lookalike in a Local Village. Here's What Happened Next.

What would you say if you saw a Royal out in the wild? 

It is quite rare to see a celebrity out in the wild. But almost implausible to encounter a member of the Royal family! Imagine walking around a small town and shopping the local stores, only to encounter the Queen herself, on the hunt for her own goods. It would be quite easy to write it off as a case of mistaken identity. After all, why would the most powerful and famous woman in the entire United Kingdom be walking around a small town without being flanked by security? However, occasionally it happens. A new story has surfaced about a lucky elderly lady who came across Her Royal Highness one day in Norfolk. 

The Queen Enjoys Shopping in the Local Stores of Norfolk

Cobbled streets and shops at Norwich in Norfolk.

Juliet Pannett, an artist, was told the story by Balmoral Estate as she painted the Queen, rehashing the details to The Mirror. The Queen, who resides in Norfolk from December through February and visits sporadically throughout the year, sometimes opts to go for long walks and also drops into the local stores to do some shopping. 

She Keeps a Lower Profile When She Goes Out

The queen of United Kingdom Elizabeth II

While the Queen usually dresses up in bright colored matching hats and coats, making her easy to identify, when she heads out on her own she tends to keep a lower profile, hoping to blend in with the locals. 

She Didn't Have Cake for Tea

Slice of sponge cake and white porcelain.

According to the artist, the Queen was at Sandringham House and getting ready to take Afternoon Tea. The only problem? There was no cake. Instead of sending someone to go get the cake for her, she opted to walk into town and get it herself. 

A Local Commented on Her Resemblance to The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II wearing headscarf.

She walked into a small village shop to pick up the cake. It was there she came across an elderly woman, who couldn't help but notice her uncanny resemblance to Queen Elizabeth, especially because she was wearing her trademark headscarf.  "Good heavens, you look just like the Queen," the woman said to The Queen right before she entered the store. "How reassuring," the Queen responded before purchasing her cake. 

She Has Gone Unnoticed Before

Queen Elizabeth visiting a replica of one of the original Sainsbury's in 2019
Cubankite / Shutterstock

This isn't the first spotting of the Queen in the wild. In fact, she has gone unnoticed more than once, per Richard Griffin, a former royal protection officer. Once on a walk near Balmoral Estate in Scotland, a group of American tourists approached Her Majesty. They asked her if she lived locally and she told them she had a house nearby. Then, they asked her if she had personally met the Queen. "No, but this policeman has," she responded. How's that for a royal sense of humor? 

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