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The Real Reason Why the Former Spouse of Queen Consort Camilla is the Perfect Ex-Husband, Claim Royal Insiders

Andrew has “always been close to Camilla, and he’s remained close to Camilla.”

He doesn't get much attention compared to other members and associates of the Royal Family—but insiders are saying Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles, OBE, the previous partner of Queen Consort Camilla, might be the "perfect" ex-husband.

Andrew recently stood in for Queen Camilla at a funeral, as her official representative, highlighting the warm and amicable relationship he and the wife of King Charles III continue to share. Here's why royal insiders say Andrew is still able to play an important—albeit quiet—role within "The Firm."

Related To the Queen

Andrew Parker Bowles

Retired British Army officer Andrew is connected to the late Queen Elizabeth II through his relative, the late John Bowes-Lyon, the Queen's cousin through her mother's side of the family. Andrew's connections meant he had a prominent spot at the funeral of the Queen. "Funny to see the way these things now happen," a royal source says

Friends and Lovers


Andrew and Camilla married in 1973 and divorced in 1995, with reports of infidelity on both sides. Despite what could have been a bitter split, the two remained close friends after their divorce, and both remarried. Andrew and his wife Rosemary were even present at Charles and Camilla's service of blessing in 2005. Insiders say they have a "deep fondness" between them and always have.

They "Get On With It"


One insider says mutually amicable splits are considered the norm for the circles which Andrew and Camilla live in. "That set are pretty robust," the insider says. "The Gloucestershire hunting set – a sort of aristocratic arrogance perhaps? As to the relationship, they are mutual parents and grandparents. So they do get on with it."

Family First


According to Gyles Brandreth, a friend of Camilla's since their school days, the Queen Consort and Andrew are united in friendship and keeping harmony within the family. "Her family is key to her, especially her sister [Annabel], her former husband [Andrew Parker-Bowles] and her children [Tom and Laura]," Brandreth says.

Always Close

Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images

Andrew has "always been close to Camilla, and he's remained close to Camilla," according to Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine. "I think when she was having a really bad time when she was first with Prince Charles, when people were dreadful to her, she couldn't even go out of her house, he was very supportive to her… I think from very early on they just found a sort of equilibrium together and it's never gone."

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