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Video Shows 12-Foot Python Slithering in Bathroom Toward Pet Kittens, After Entering Through Toilet

Experts say that sometimes snakes can fall into sewer systems.

Video of a 12-foot long python slithering through the bathroom of a family in Thailand—and appraising two of their pet kittens—has gone viral. For good reason: It's pretty terrifying (and perhaps more so if you're a cat). Read on to find out how snakes get into the bathrooms, what social media had to say about it, and for a few more close calls involving a toilet, a cat, and a giant snake.

Snake Seen Surveying Kittens


The video shows the snake slithering over the bathtub—which is separated from another room by a glass partition—and staring at two kittens on the other side of the glass. The snake is seen being removed from its perch by two animal handlers, who encourage the reptile to entwine itself around a stick, which they use to deposit it into a bag. 

"This wild footage shows the moment a 12-foot python entered a woman's bathroom in Thailand, getting scarily close to two of her pet kittens," NowThis News reported in the caption. "The snake, which is believed to have slithered in via the woman's toilet, was safely removed by two animal handlers."

Social Media Reacts


The clip has gotten more than 597,000 views, 263,000 likes on Instagram and hundreds and comments.

"I'd leave and never come back," wrote one Instagrammer.

"There go my Thailand plans," said another.

"One of my greatest fears," commented another.

"They're always finding snakes coming out of toilet but my question is how are they getting into the pipes in the first place?" wrote another.

How Do Snakes Get Into Toilets Anyway?


Snakes have a number of methods of finding their way into your home, although these occurrences are more common in some areas than others. A snake can crawl into your home through a cracked foundation, gaps between pipes, spaces between doors and windows, dryer lines or AC vents.

And yes, sometimes through the toilet. Experts say that sometimes snakes can fall into sewer systems; to find their way out, they have to crawl their way through pipes, which can, if you're unlucky, lead to your home toilet.

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Another Unwelcome Bathroom Visitor

Fire and Rescue Department

This summer, an unlucky man in Selayang, Malaysia, was bitten on the butt by a snake as he sat on the toilet. Malaysian newspaper The Star reported that Sabri Tazali, 28, had been sitting on the toilet playing video games on his phone when he felt a sharp pinch. Standing up, he found a snake holding onto one of his buttocks; he yanked it off and broke the bathroom door in his haste to escape. Fortunately, the snake wasn't venomous, and Tazali only needed a tetanus shot. The snake was taken away by the fire department.

Another Close Call for Cat Caught on Video


Sometimes, close calls between cats and snakes get a lot closer. In June, the Straits Times reported on a woman who freed a pet cat from being strangled by a python—and the whole thing was caught on video. A Thailand factory worker on her lunch break heard a cat yelp and discovered a 12-foot-snake wrapped around a white cat called Pedro. She used a rusty child's scooter to poke and smack the reptile until it loosened its grip, allowing the cat to dart away. "I wanted to help so I picked up the nearest object and just hit the snake to make it let go of the cat," the woman said. "Pedro the cat is like a pet at the factory and we feed him every day, so he's like one of the team and we are all familiar with him. Everyone has watched the video and is glad he's safe."

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