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The Real Reason Why Prince William is "Angry" With Prince Harry and Queen, Claims Royal Expert

Tensions are thick in the Royal Family.

When Prince Harry brought Meghan Markle into the Royal Family, Prince William was an instrumental part of helping them "to carve out a progressive new role in the institution." Now, in the third and final episode of The Real Windsors Channel 4 documentary series that focuses on the heir to the crown, the relationship between William and other members of the family is examined. And some experts featured in the documentary claim that when Harry and Meghan opted to step down from their senior roles as working Royals, it left William angry with his brother and the Queen. Read on to learn about the roots of this and other conflicts within The Firm and how they can influence Royal Family.

A Crisis Meeting

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth

According to the documentary there was a crisis meeting over Harry and Meghan at Sandringham, her Norfolk estate. "Obviously William was there [at the crisis meeting] and was involved in the discussions because how that exit was handled, and what Harry and Meghan's future role would or wouldn't be, not only impacts on the Queen's reign now, and the Prince of Wales' future reign as King, but also on William's future reign as King," said Roya Nikkhah, royal editor at The Sunday Times, told the Channel 4 documentary.

William Is "Angry"

Prince William in Berlin, Germany in 2017

"The Queen knew that probably the best way to have a successful summit was to have a lunch beforehand, and just to give the brothers an opportunity to come together and perhaps soften the atmosphere a little bit," Katie Nicholl, author of William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls added. "But by all accounts, William didn't arrive until the meeting was just about to start, which was after the lunch, and Harry took lunch with the Queen alone. I think that's a very clear indicator as to just how angry William was about it. William just couldn't understand that Harry was essentially turning his back on the duty that he was born into and Harry couldn't understand that he wasn't being able to forge ahead with a different way of being the spare."

The Queen Has Tried to Smooth Things Over

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II at opening of Royal Open Air Theater, Scarborough, North Yorkshire

"Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much-loved members of my family. I recognise the challenges they have experienced as a result of intense scrutiny over the last two years and support their wish for a more independent life," the Queen announced in a statement released a few weeks after Harry and Meghan's. 

The Brothers Likely Won't Reconcile

Queen Elizabeth ll, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

After the Summit, Harry and William went for a walk together. "All I know is that they did go for a long walk together after the summit, which obviously was difficult for both of them," Nikkhah continued. "Very difficult as well for William in terms of acknowledging that he was losing the person that he thought would be by his side for the rest of his life all the way to the top job as king. And I was told, they did not part as friends and that's sad. But I think that gives you an indication as to how difficult that relationship has been for a while." 

We Are Seeing "Rival Royal Engagements"

Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton

And, with the tension at the Platinum Jubilee and the impending release of Prince Harry's book, Kinsey Schofield, founder of and author of new book R is for Revenge Dress, added to Express she did not expect a reunion between the couples. "I would not expect to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reunite with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. What we are seeing here is rival royal engagements executed by retired senior members of the Royal Family," she said. 

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