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Prince William and Kate Middleton Urged to Escape "Glorious Prison"

They may soon be moving to Windsor. ”Kensington Palace is a glorious prison for kids," says an expert.

It is no secret that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle felt a bit trapped during their time spent living at Kensington Palace. When the couple first started dating, they stayed together at Nottingham Cottage, close to Harry's brother William, his wife, Kate Middleton, and their children. However, according to a source, William and Kate may soon move out of Kensington Palace, which one expert has called "a glorious prison for kids." To see where they may move next, and how it will affect the Royal Family, read on.

Kate and Will Are Moving to Windsor, Says Her Uncle

Windsor castle near London, United Kingdom

According to Kate's uncle, Gary Goldsmith, Will, Kate, and the kids spent the summer at their country home, Anmer Hall in Norfolk. Now, they are rumored to be making a much bigger move – out of Kensington and into Adelaide Cottage, a four-bedroom 19th-century cottage located on the Windsor estate.

They Are Moving Closer to the Queen and Kate's Parents

Queen Elizabeth visiting a replica of one of the original Sainsbury's in 2019
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Not only will the couple be closer to the Queen, William's grandmother, but also nearer to Kate's parents, who live 40 minutes away in Bucklebury Manor, Berkshire. "William and Kate are going to have their hands full this summer as they move home to be nearer the Queen and settle the kids into a new school. But I think they are ready for the next chapter in their lives," Goldsmith told The Sun

"Kensington Palace Is a Glorious Prison for Kids"

Kensington palace and gardens, London, UK

"I think Wills and Kate need space to bring up their children. Kensington Palace is a glorious prison for kids… they want to be able to play football without being watched from behind the gates," added Royal biographer and editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward. "I think Windsor will be perfect for them, as they will have lots of freedom and they can all be at school together."

They Are Excited

Prince Louis Harry George William Charles Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte Trooping the colour Royal Family Buckingham Palace

"The whole family [is] extremely excited to be moving to Windsor, not just because it will bring them closer to [Queen Elizabeth II] but it's a perfect happy medium that brings them closer to London than if they chose to settle full time in Berkshire or Amner Hall," a source close to the couple told Us Weekly.  "They'll still get to enjoy those locations of course, but by being in Windsor they're only 20 miles from Central London and Buckingham Palace and it's a beautiful environment that's steeped in history and such a special location to call home."

The Cottage Was Recently Renovated

Interior from windsor castle, England

The cottage the couple is said to be moving into was built in 1831. It was most recently renovated in 2016. The source added that Kate and Will are likely ready to take on more active roles in the family, as it is anticipated that Prince Charles will become king in the near future.  

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