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The Real Reason Prince William is "Angry" With This "Exploitative" TV Show, Royal Sources Claim

There is a good reason why the future King is unhappy with the streaming service.

The Crown, which first aired in 2016 on Netflix, focuses on Queen Elizabeth and her reign. The first few seasons barely impacted the current generation of royals, focusing more on the family when King Charles was just a boy. However, the past and current season are a bit more focused on the scandals of the past 20 years, including the divorce of the then Prince Charles and beloved Princess Diana due to Charles' cheating scandal with Camilla and Prince Andrew's divorce from Fergie, Duchess of York. Now, according to a new report, Prince William is allegedly "very angry" at the "exploitive" show, and this is why. 

William Is Upset That His Mother's Infamous BBC Interview Is Being Aired


Sources maintain that Prince William believes that the streaming service is making money off his late mother's BBC Panorama interview. As part of the "all-out war" between Diana and Charles, parts of the historic interview will be depicted. 

He Declared in 2021 That It Promoted a "False Narrative"


Why is he so upset about the interview? "It is my firm view that this Panorama programme holds no legitimacy and should never be aired again," Prince William declared in May 2021. "It effectively established a false narrative which, for over a quarter of a century, has been commercialized by the BBC and others."

He Added That It Hurt "Countless" People and Contributed to His Mother's "Fear, Paranoia and Isolation"


The infamous interview destroyed his parents' relationship and had "since hurt countless others," William added. "It brings indescribable sadness to know that the BBC's failures contributed significantly to her fear, paranoia and isolation that I remember from those final years with her."

William Allegedly Sees It As a "Dramatization" for "Financial Gain"

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A source added to The Telegraph that William made his feelings about it "very clear" and that depicting it on a show would be "met in the way you would expect." The source added that after the future King's declaration in 2021, it was understood that he would be angered over the "dramatization of it for financial gain."

Another Insider Calls It an "Absolute Disgrace"


William Shawcross, Queen Elizabeth's official biographer, added in a letter to The Telegraph that the show is not to be trusted as accurate. "The Crown is an odious series, filled with lies and half-truths encased in lace and velvet," he writes. "It is astonishingly and deliberately hurtful to individual members of the Royal family, public servants who cannot answer back, let alone sue for damages." He also accused the show's creator, Peter Morgan, of waging "a campaign to abuse" the monarchy and "to destroy by lies a vital institution," calling the campaign "an absolute disgrace."

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