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What Really Happened With Prince Harry on the "Chaotic" Day Queen Elizabeth Died, New Report Reveals

Here is exactly how the day went down, according to sources.

It has been over two long weeks since the death of Queen Elizabeth, the longest reigning British monarch in history, passed away at her home in Balmoral. During the whirlwind series of events that transpired, which included the crowning of King Charles, a reunion between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and other members of the family, and many sad services honoring the Queen, many people are wondering exactly what happened behind the scenes. One of the most confusing moments was the actual day the Queen passed away. The Daily Telegraph has pieced together the events of that day, and how Harry and Meghan's involvement (or lack thereof) unfolded. 

Prince Harry Started the Day at Frogmore

Frogmore House

After speaking to "multiple sources," the publication reports exactly how everything went down. They claim that Prince Harry woke up at Frogmore Cottage on Thursday, September 8 with his wife, planning on attending the WellChild Awards that evening. Their plan was to be back home by Harry's birthday on the 15th. 

Harry Learned His Grandmother Was Ill in the Morning

Prince Harry

According to the report, Harry did not learn that his grandmother was ill until mid-Thursday morning. "If some members of the family had known that the Queen's health had taken a downturn the night before, Harry had not received that call," they claim. 

The Family Didn't Realize How Sick She Was

Queen Elizabeth II

"No one knows when someone is going to die. It's one thing the royals have in common with any other family," a source said. "The Queen certainly was gravely ill, yes, but they didn't know how long she had left. Knowing how seriously to take it is tricky."

King Charles Called Both His Sons


When they realized the Queen was on her deathbed, the then Prince Charles telephoned both his sons to ask them to come. "There was no difference in those calls," one source insisted, denying reports that Prince William was told "some time" before Harry. "This is a father and his much-loved sons."

William Rushed to Balmoral While Kate Stayed Home


The Duke of Cambridge, one of the Queen's Counsellors of State, and his wife, Kate Middleton, decided that she would stay with their children, as it was their first day of school. As the Queen's children traveled to be by her side, the palace made the announcement at 12.32 pm. "The Queen's doctors are concerned for Her Majesty's health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision. The Queen remains comfortable and at Balmoral."

Harry Rushed to Balmoral with Meghan at Frogmore


Just before 2:00, it appeared that Meghan would be joining Harry at Balmoral. "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be travelling to Scotland," their spokeswoman said. According to a source, Meghan was planning on flying with Harry for support. However, when Harry spoke to his father, he was told that his spouse was not going. "It was just a mistake," said a source. "This wasn't about causing or taking offence, it was simply the protocol and they [the Sussexes] were always going to respect that." Added another, "The lie of the land was made clear."

Only Charles and Anne Made It In Time to Say Goodbye


Harry flew on a private jet with hopes of making it to his grandmother on time, while Meghan stayed at Frogmore. The Prime Minister was informed that the Queen had died at 4:30 pm. It was announced to the public at 6:30 pm. According to sources, only Charles and Anne made it in time to say goodbye to their mother. 

Prince Harry Was on the Plane When His Grandmother Died

The Duke of Sussex boards a plane at Aberdeen Airport as he travels to London following the death of Queen Elizabeth II

While King Charles attempted to call Harry to tell him the news, the call didn't go through, and he learned about her death online. But according to a spokesman for the now-King, the announcement "was not made until all family members had been informed. A source added. "The official announcement was delayed until after everybody had been told," a source said. "Part of the issue was getting hold of the Duke of Sussex."

Harry Wasn't Invited to Dinner By His Father

Prince Harry

While there were reports that Harry "snubbed" dinner at his father's nearby home at Birkhall with the new King and Prince of Wales, a source told the Telegraph, "No invitation to dinner was made." Added another. "This is all less co-ordinated and more chaotic than people might think," a different royal source added "It was a hard and upsetting day for everyone." Instead, Harry ate with his uncles and aunts. 

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