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Prince Charles Just Put a Halt on the Comeback of This Disgraced Royal Family Member, Allegedly

Family members have made their pleas

Seeing as though Prince Charles is expected to take over the throne as the King of England in the near future, it is no surprise that he has some major influence when it comes to Royal Family matters. While his mother, Queen Elizabeth, clearly has the final say, Charles and William are likely next in line in terms of control and power, seeing as though they are second and third in line to the throne. According to a recent report, Charles was recently approached about a disgraced member of the family, with other relatives begging for him to give the person another chance. 

Andrew's Daughter Met with Prince Charles, Allegedly


According to The Sun, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, the daughters of Prince Andrew and Fergie (Sarah, Duchess of York) came to Charles and begged him to lift the ban on their disgraced father. His alleged answer? There's "no chance."

Their Pleas "Fell on Deaf Ears," Allegedly

Charles, Prince of Wales visits an exhibition of traditional culinary products home made

The publication reports that the sisters met Charles at Birkhall Estate in Aberdeenshire for a summit over tea and biscuits, but the pleas "fell on deaf ears." This came just days after Andrew himself had begged his brother at a "business meeting" to reinstate him. 

"They Were Looking Out for Their Father," Allegedly

Prince Andrew

"Andrew desperately wants and needs something to do with his life. His family are close so it's natural that Beatrice and Eugenie want to get involved. They were only looking out for their father," an insider told the publication. "But there will be no return to royal duties for Prince Andrew."

Andrew Allegedly Hoped That By Settling the Lawsuit He Would Be Allowed Back in the Family

Queen Elizabeth II

Andrew's mother, Queen Elizabeth, stripped Andrew of his royal duties and his HRH title after his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal escalated and his disastrous interview trying to deny allegations by Virginia Roberts Giuffre that he sexually assaulted her when she was 17. He eventually settled with the now-39-year-old, despite the fact he vehemently denied all accusations. Several experts believe that Andrew hoped that by settling, he would be able to step back into royal duties. 

He Wants a "Route Back," Allegedly

Queen Elizabeth London talking to Prince Andrew

According to the Sun on Sunday, Andrew also met with his mother about a week ago. "He is a 62-year-old man and knows that he can't spend the rest of his days ­sitting around at Royal Lodge in Windsor, walking his dogs and ­riding horses. He's thinking about what he can do. He has had discussions with the Queen about what he can do with his life. But there are also wider family discussions," said a source. "He knows he let his mother down badly but he hasn't been convicted of a crime. He wants to try to establish a route back. He's hoping the Queen can influence Prince Charles and Prince William, who see no way back for him. He wanted a few days alone with his mother to talk about his future," another source added. 

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