Heartstopping Moment Hero Police Officer and Good Samaritan Rescue Unconscious Driver Seconds Before Car Burst in Flames

The officer and bystander saved the driver’s life.

A police officer ended up in hospital after helping to pull an unconscious man out of a burning car. The officer and another good Samaritan came to the driver's aid after he crashed his car into a palm tree in Las Vegas, Nevada. Trapped and unconscious in the car, the driver was unable to help himself. Recording of the incident shows the two men pulling the driver out of the car just seconds before it was engulfed in flames. Here's what happened and how they got the man out.

BMW Driver Crashes Into a Tree


The driver of the white BMW was on the median at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Siegfried and Roy Drive at 4.37 pm on Friday afternoon (January 27) when it crashed into a palm tree. Smoke started pouring out from under the hood of the car.

Police Officer and Bystander Are Rushing to the Rescue


A police officer and bystander rushed to help the driver, who was knocked out and unable to respond or get himself out of the vehicle. The two men were forced to smash through a window to get the driver out of the car safely—and it didn't happen a second too soon.

The Car Burst Into Flames Seconds Later


Moments after dragging the unconscious driver from the vehicle, the car burst into flames. Just another few seconds and the driver would most probably have been seriously hurt, and the officer and good Samaritan too. 

All Three Were Taken To Hospital


The officer and driver were both taken to the hospital after the fire was extinguished. The officer was treated for smoke inhalation, but the condition of the driver and good Samaritan are not known. The Las Vegas Police Department says an investigation is ongoing.

Social Media Praise Heroes


The recording of the incident clearly shows how the officer and the good Samaritan put their lives at risk to help the driver of the car. Their fast and fearless work most probably saved the driver's life and sparked plenty of comments on social media. "That bystander deserves a moment in the sun. He couldn't have done it without the officer or vice versa. A life saved." Chris Leddy wrote on Twitter. "Thank you metro for keeping us safe, and showing compassion," added Lisa Giam. "Great job by that officer and civilian," commented Pat Z.  "I think this was a classy move by Metro. I originally only heard it was an officer, but this civilian clearly jumped into action. Thank you to both the civilian and officer for saving a life. 🙏🏻," wrote Amy while Joseph Manzoni, added a thoughtful observation, "Whats annoying is the amount of people behind him doing absolutely nothing, but prolly whipping their phones out recording." 

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