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Woman Found Guilty of Trying to Murder Her Lookalike With Poisoned Cheesecake

She tried to make it look like suicide. 

Identity theft is a real threat. An estimated 15 million Americans had their identity stolen in 2021, according to a Javelin Strategy & Research study. Most cases are motivated by money, with perpetrators stealing social security numbers and other personal information to open bank accounts. Some of these criminals will go to any lengths to steal an identity – even committing murder. This week a Russian woman in New York City was found guilty of attempting to murder another woman who looked just like her – by feeding her poisoned cheesecake. 

A Woman Tried to Kill Her Lookalike Beautician


In 2016 Viktoria Nasyrova attempted to kill her beautician, Olga Tsvyk, who happened to be her doppelganger. At the time, both women had dark hair and complexions and spoke Russian. Her method of choice? Death by cheesecake, poisoned with strong sedatives.  

She Gave Her a Slice of Poisoned Cheesecake


Nasyrova arrived at Tsvyk's house with a box of cheesecake, which she wanted to share. While there, she ate two pieces herself, giving the poisoned piece to her beautician. 

She Felt Sick and Was Taken to the Hospital

ABC News

Tsvyk felt sick and went to the hospital, and luckily survived the poisoning. "Before passing out, the woman's last memory was of seeing the defendant walking around her room," Melinda Katz, the Queens District Attorney, said in a statement. A friend found her the next day, unconscious and wearing lingerie with pills strategically scattered on the floor to make it look like suicide.

When She Returned, Several Documents Were Missing


However, upon release from the hospital, she returned home and found that all her identity documents, including her Ukrainian passport and US work permit, were gone. Also missing was jewelry and about $4,000 in cash. 

The Woman Is Facing up to 25 Years in Prison

ABC News

"The jury saw through the deception and schemes of the defendant," Katz added. "Fortunately, her victim survived and the poison led right back to the culprit." Nasyrova, convicted on Thursday of attempted murder, assault and unlawful imprisonment, is currently awaiting sentencing and is facing up to 25 years in prison. 

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She Was Accused of a Similar Crime in 2015


In 2015, Interpol issued a red notice for Nasyrova's arrest, stemming from the murder of a woman in Russia. She was accused of killing her neighbor, Alla Alekseenko, and stealing her life savings.

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