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Office Worker Vanishes After Being Accidentally Paid 300 Times His Salary

A man is on the run after a large amount of money was accidentally deposited in his account. 

Most people are accustomed to getting their paycheck and being startled by the low amount, especially after taxes are taken out. Can you imagine opening up your regular paycheck, and seeing a figure 300 times as much as your regular salary? According to a new report, one man experienced this situation firsthand. However, instead of coming clean about the discrepancy and turning the check back over to his employee, he skipped town. 

A Man Received 300 Times His Salary


Per a new report, an unnamed dispatch assistant at a cold meats processor in Chile, Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos, normally received a $515 paycheck. However, in May 2022 he opened up his paycheck and saw that his company had deposited an amount 330 times larger than he normally got. 

He Initially Reported the Discrepancy to His Manager


Initially, he reported the discrepancy to his deputy manager. They reported it to human resources. Human resources confirmed the error and told the man to return the amount. 

He Agreed to Return the Money


The man agreed to go to the bank and return the extra amount the next day, but he failed to show up for work. According to the report, the man never went to the bank, so the company never received confirmation about the transaction. They tried to get in touch with the man. 

He Didn't Show Up


Initially, the man told his company that he had overslept and would handle the transaction the following day. However, the company tried to get in touch with him for the next three days and were unable to reach him. 

He Then Resigned Through His Lawyer


Eventually, the man's lawyer contacted the company and told him that the man was resigning. The company has now filed a legal complaint, charging the former employee with the misappropriation of funds.

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