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Mother Says She'd Rather Go to Work Than Stay at Home Looking After Her Kids as "It's Much Easier"

Lots of parents agree.

An Australian mother has caused online ripples by declaring going to work every day is far easier than being a stay-at-home parent, in a story spotted by Daily Mail. Sarah Torresan from Melbourne shared her views via a TikTok video where she compares working with child-rearing. "OK, I feel like I'm qualified to speak to this because I have both working days and stay-at-home Mondays and I want to tell you something that the working parent probably doesn't want stay at home parents to know," she says. Read on to see what Torresan has to say.

A Chance To Miss the Kids


"Going to work is so much easier than staying home with kids – and here's why," Torresan says. "I get to go to the office, have adult conversations with other people, work using part of my brain that I haven't used in a long time then I get to commute home, again listening to music or podcast alone. And then I miss my kids and I can't wait to see them and they can't wait to see me either."

Longing For Adult Conversation


Torresan says when she is home with the kids, she can have days where there is no such thing as a normal human conversation. "From the second you open your eyes in the morning until you close them at night you are putting out fires over the most insanely irrational things. It's constant conflict, it's constant everyone else's needs, you're being yelled at for things, it is all about what you need to do for someone else."

The Joys Of Commuting


Torresan says many fellow parents would love to have some alone time. She points out even commuting to and from work has its benefits. "Most stay at home parents would dream of sitting in a car for 45 minutes and listening to a podcast or drinking a hot coffee with a coworker," she says. 

Not All Jobs Are the Same


Torresan points out that this obviously doesn't apply for everyone. Some people might have very stressful jobs, and would prefer to be at home. "Of course there's caveats to this based on what you do for work or what your partner does for work but my point is overnight whose sleep should really be prioritized?" she says.

Lots Of Parents Agree


Many people agreed with what Torresan was saying. "Work is my paid break from my stay-at-home mum job," one commenter said. "I'm a chef so I pretty much get paid to do what I do at home but without the stress of juggling a baby. Work is such a nice break," another said. "Couldn't agree more. When I went back to work in between my two kids my days were so much easier. It's exhausting being home all day with kids," said a third.

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