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These are the Most Controversial Star Wars Opinions, According to Reddit

Everyone has strong opinion abut the saga, but these are the most disputed.

In its forty-plus-year reign at the forefront of pop culture, Star Wars has expanded into nearly every aspect of entertainment. The sprawling, compelling space saga has attracted a huge fanbase, but its lore, spinoffs, and evolution aren't for everyone; it's hard to watch even one film without formulating a strong opinion or two about some aspect of the premise, characters or production. Reddit recently unpacked some of those opinions that are the most controversial.

Fans Make It Less Fun

A group of cosplayers dressed as bunny versions of characters from the Star Wars films at the Star Wars Celebration

Superfans of any extended franchise tend to be vocal about inconsistencies, implausibilities, and changes to the object of their fandom, and they tend to be super-vocal about any perceived dips in quality. But more than two thousand Redditors agreed that Star Wars fans tend to take this a bit too far. "I like Star Wars. The movies, the shows, the games. But the community ruins it," said @absoluteunit94. "They complain and bitch about every single thing there is. It's fantasy, not history."

It Doesn't Need to Be So Dark


"Star Wars does not need to be darker, more adult, or more serious," said @undrunkenmonkey88. "Star Wars has always been weird and silly and fun. Star Wars also doesn't need to be great to be good Star Wars. The vast majority of Star Wars content isn't great art, or even great storytelling, but it is all good fun."

Too Much Of It Is Set In Tattooine

desert scene in sahara desert for first move, star wars facts

Redditors found it curious that a story that involves the entire universe would be so centered on the planet Tattooine. "Strange how people keep hiding and try to get 'off the grid' on one of the most popular planet in the damned galaxy," noted @shaka_zulu12. Another noted that hiding Darth Vader's child on Darth Vader's home planet with his family, while expecting no one to find the child, was a strange premise.

There's Too Much Ashoka

Ashoka Star Wars character.

"Inserting Ashoka into EVERYTHING lately is annoying and sooner or later it's going to start turning people against her," said @MelkortheDarkOne. "I get she's popular and I love her as well but sometimes less is more."

The Scale Is Weird

still from star wars the phantom menace

Redditor @BlueBerryMassacre said the franchise doesn't feature enough "planet wars, black hole wars or moon wars," to the tune of six thousand upvotes. "The scale is way off," agreed @FrogsEverywhere. "Trillions of people but they need clone soldiers, definitive ground battles with less than 100,000 soldiers, space battles with dozens of ships instead of millions. Using convoluted death orbs to destroy planets tens of thousands of years after world ending kinetic weapons were easily plausible and exponentially easier/cheaper."

Don't Blame the Death Stars' Design

star wars highest-grossing summer movies
YouTube/The ReDiscovered Future

"The Death Stars weren't badly designed they were just badly managed," said @Engeneus.

It's All About the Bots

The famous robot characters R2D2, BB8, C3PO, and K-2SO from Star Wars film series

"The whole story is actually about R2 and 3PO, everyone else just comes and goes," posited @AngeluvDeath. Redditors cheered this take, with one calling it a "Buddhist/Grateful Dead approach to Star Wars."

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