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Video Shows MMA Fighter Sucker-Punching YouTuber on Live TV in Front of Reporter

Female journalist was left shaken by the fracas.

The drama of MMA spilled out of the ring this week when a Polish mixed martial artist interrupted an interview with a YouTuber and sucker-punched the man, while a confused reporter looked on. Read on to find out what happened, what the commentator possibly could have done to run afoul of the fighter's flying fists, and to see the video.

Reporter Stunned, As Was Object of Sucker Punch


Polish MMA fighter Amadeusz "Ferrari" Roslik crashed an interview with a YouTube personality named Sadek and punched him square in the face. It happened Tuesday while Sadek was being interviewed by journalist Monika Laskowska, who shared footage of the incident as an Instagram story.

Roslik's smack knocked Sadek into a wall, and he tumbled to the ground. As the YouTuber regained his footing, he seemed to wipe the blood from his mouth. The interviewer looked shaken by the fracas. "It's OK," Sadek said as Laskowska helped him steady himself. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

YouTuber's Comments Apparently Sparked Fight


The fighter was apparently angry about comments Sadek had made about him and his family. On Thursday, MMANews reported that Roslik wasn't facing any charges or disciplinary action regarding to the incident and was scheduled to face Pawel "Scarface" Bomba over the weekend as planned.

Fighter Has Controversial History


Picking fights in front of the press is becoming something of a trademark for Roslik, who threw punches at an opponent in the middle of an interview last March. He's known for controversial behavior in the ring as well: In 2020, he was disqualified for illegally kicking an opponent.

Social Media Reacts


MMA fans were quick to condemn Roslik on social media.

"He should be banned from the sport and arrested," one tweeted. "Happened more than once now."

"He was also once disqualified for soccer-kicking his opponent unconscious," said another.

"Please don't call him a MMA fighter – he's a freak fighter," another concluded.

Outside Violence Becoming Common, MMA Site Says


American MMA competitors have also been involved in outside-the-ring dust-ups. "It seems like backstage violence and press conference brawls are becoming the norm everywhere, and it's all a big laugh until someone gets seriously hurt," said the MMA site on Thursday. "Even in the UFC, there's no more consequences for assaulting people outside the cage." The site pointed out that UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal punched an opponent backstage before an event in 2019, then assaulted another competitor in the streets of Miami after a loss, and there were no repercussions from the league. "Since the violence sells, it's allowed to continue."

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