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"Meetup for Introverted Dogs" Has the Internet Howling

This is what happens when a bunch of introverted dogs gather at the dog park.

Dog parks are generally filled with tons of misfit mutts, playing, running, jumping, fighting, sniffing, and barking the day away. After all, the whole point of bringing Fido to one of the gated and enclosed areas designated for dogs is so they can interact and socialize. But what if your dog just isn't that into interacting with others? That would make him or her an introvert. Apparently some pet owners of introverted canines decided to herd them all together for an afternoon at the dog park, and what went down has the internet howling. 

"My dog is an introvert so we went for a meetup with likeminded dogs. This is what happened," the dog owner who originally shared the viral video wrote. In the clip, a bunch of adorable dogs, just sort of stand there, looking around disinterestedly at the others, and also looking at their owners like they are wondering why they brought them there. "It's like a pasture of cows," they added. 

"Sixth grade dance"

"Add a single extrovert dog, and watch the chaos ensue," wrote one commenter. "Nodoggy willing to be the first to break the ice," added another. "Sixth grade dance," someone chimed in. 

One clever commenter attempted to capture what was going through each dog's mind: "don't make eye contact don't make eye contact don't …"

On a more serious note, one commenter added that introverted dogs are quite common. "As someone who worked at a dog daycare/training facility, this is A LOT more common then people think. We worked with dogs who had dog aggression issues, and a lot of dogs ended up actually really enjoying playtime. And some dogs become just indifferent to it, like this," they wrote. "If you have a dog, do not expect them to come out of the womb ready to play. We had a daycare client who came in every day, and occasionally would start fights. We tried to tell the owner that their dog really didn't care to hang out with other dogs, but would put up with it until he got fed up."

You know that whole concept that people look and act like their dogs? Well, one user pointed out that it seems to be the case in terms of personality types. "It always made me laugh in how these dogs are keeping their distance and so are their owners," they said. "Yup, dogs will copy their owners energy," agreed another. 

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