Man Stomps on $272,000 McLaren Supercar and Causes Thousands of Dollars Worth of Damage

It happened in broad daylight.

A man caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to a luxury car by deliberately walking on top of it and jumping on the windshield. It's not clear what provoked the man to vandalize the vehicle, but he did it in broad daylight in the clear view of several witnesses. Celebrity dealer George Gehdu, the owner of the McLaren 720s, released a statement about the damage to the supercar, which was caught on video. Here's how the car vandal was caught and what the footage shows.

Vandalism In Front of Witnesses


Gehdu says he had parked the $272,000 McLaren across the street from a barbershop in Uxbridge, a suburban town in west London. While he was otherwise occupied away from the car, a man wearing a hoodie jumped up on the vehicle and deliberately started stomping on it and jumping on the windshield.

Deliberate, Casual Damage


Footage shows the man casually walking over the car and vandalizing it, despite people walking by. Some were even telling him to stop, but he carried on, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. The video shows a man was later cuffed but no arrests seem to have been made.

Gehdu Responds To the Vandalism


Gehdu posted about the incident on his Instagram account, using understandably emotive language to describe his feelings. "Firstly I appreciate the support massively, not just people across the country but across the world, to see if everything is alright," he wrote. "I'm all good, I wasn't involved in anything, it was just some scrawny little rat, nevertheless the police came in good time—a car is a car. He definitely took his time and tried to damage it as much as possible, nevertheless I'm still out here and I'm still moving and that's the main thing."

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The Man Was Taken Into Custody


"He definitely took his time and tried to damage it as much as possible, nevertheless I'm still out here and I'm still moving and that's the main thing," Gehdu said. "Won't let this get to me, but putting it out there to show you supercar owners – please be careful as there are scum not even worth stepping on out there in this world who don't want anyone to own anything nice."

The Police Respond


"The guy didn't care that there were people watching or screaming at him," Gehdu says. "I still believe there are good people out there, it's not going to stop me taking my car to a place like that. Super, super appreciate everyone for their support today." UK police have confirmed the incident. "Police are investigating a report of criminal damage to a car that is alleged to have occurred in Baker Road, Uxbridge, on the morning of Sunday, 12 February," a Metropolitan Police spokesperson says. "Enquiries are ongoing and no arrests have been made."

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