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Man Charged in Killing of Housemate Over Plate of Food After Homeowner Finds Shallow Grave

Bryan Marquez, 22, was charged with first-degree murder after police found a man buried in a partial grave.

A 22-year-old man was charged with first-degree murder after a homeowner found a foot sticking out of a shallow grave on the property they shared in Fort Pierce, Florida. Bryan Marquez was arrested on Feb. 12 and remained in jail in the killing, which was reportedly sparked by an argument over a plate of food, police said. Marquez reportedly told Fort Pierce police he was responsible for the killing. Here's what you need to know about this shocking case.

It Allegedly Started With a Plate of Food


"There was an altercation between them earlier in the day over food," Fort Pierce police Sgt. Charles Donnon told CBS12. "He didn't like that our victim had thrown food away." The victim, whom police identified only as "Guanajuato," threw Marquez's plate of food on the ground and disrespected Marquez, police said. Marquez later got intoxicated, returned that night and "did what he did," Donnon added.

A Homeowner Found the Body


Marquez and Guanajuato lived in a shed on the same property as another house, police said. The homeowner, who was not identified, called police after seeing a foot sticking out of the ground and blood on the property, police said. Police found Guanajuato's body partially buried in an 18-inch hole.

Police Collected Evidence


Police found blood, rocks, gloves, plywood, shovels and a blanket from the yard, according to arrest records, Law&Crime reports. Marquez told police he punched the victim in the ribs, face and nose, knocked him to the ground and shoved dirt and gravel into his mouth, police said.

 Marquez Was Nearly Deported

St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office

Marquez, who is undocumented, was in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and was in the process of being deported to Mexico when police arrested him. "We received information on Tuesday that he had already contacted family and was getting a bus ticket to get back to Mexico, so this is when the hairs stand up," Donnon said.

The Victims Was Not Identified

crime scene tape in the woods

Police have not identified Guanajuato and are notifying his family. They described him as between 35 and 45 with significant facial injuries, broken ribs and a broken nose. Officials will perform an autopsy.

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