7 Burning Questions About the Massachusetts Mom Accused of Killing Her Kids

Here is what everyone wants to know about Lindsay Clancy

The case of Lindsay Clancy, the Massachusetts mom accused of killing her three children, daughter Cora, 5, son Dawson, 3, and son Callan, 7 months, continues to captivate the nation. The labor and delivery nurse, who was on leave from her job at Massachusetts General Hospital, seemed to have an idyllic life with her husband and children, living in a beautiful home in the Boston suburbs.

However, according to reports, she was suffering from postpartum depression, ultimately leading to her tragically killing her children and then attempting to take her own life. Even after her arraignment on Tuesday, there are many burning questions surrounding the case. 

Is Clancy Just a Suspect, Or Is She A Victim As Well?

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The prosecution and the defense tell two different versions of the story, which both end tragically. Clancy's attorneys maintain that their client is a victim of the medical system, while the prosecution is attempting to paint her as a cold-blooded killer. 

Were the Murders Premeditated?

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According to the prosecution, Clancy planned the murders in advance and was of sound mind at the time of their deaths. During the arraignment, they explained that she asked her husband, Patrick, who hadn't left her side for days, to pick up her children's medication from CVS and also takeout food from a nearby restaurant, researching exactly how long he would be gone so she would have ample time to kill her children.

"She planned these murders, gave herself the time and privacy to commit these murders, and then she strangled each child in the place where they should have felt the safest – at home with their mom," Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague said.

Is She Paralyzed From the Waist Down?


Clancy was in a hospital bed with a mask on her face during the arraignment. According to her lawyer, Kevin Reddington, she suffered spinal cord injuries and is now paralyzed from the waist down. Her lawyer requested that she should be allowed to stay in a rehab facility while awaiting trial. "She can't walk…she can't even go to the bathroom," he said.

However, an attorney for the DA's office argued that "She can move" and "She is not paralyzed. She can move her legs. She can move her arms. She has been writing and being able to verbally communicate."

Why Was She Prescribed So Many Medications?


Many people are wondering why Clancy was prescribed so many drugs and what doctor would have given a patient so many. According to Reddington, Clancy was overmedicated in the months before the tragedy and prescribed a cocktail of up to 12 different medications for postpartum psychosis – including Prozac and Seroquel.

"[Clancy] was…a beautiful person who was destroyed by this medication," he said. "This continued even up until the week before when her husband went to the doctor and asked her for help and said, 'Please, you're turning her into a zombie,'" he said. 

What Was Her Mental State Leading Up to the Murders?


Clancy experienced suicidal thoughts in December and January 1-5. She was then hospitalized. According to the prosecution, she kept notes/journal entries during that time period, in which she "meticulously detailed her daily activities," and her "writing was clear, precise and articulate."

They add that she mentioned "a touch of postpartum anxiety" about returning to work and was initially diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder.

Did She Have a "Moment of Psychosis" When She Murdered the Kids?

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After the murder, Lindsay allegedly told her husband that "She heard a voice and had 'a moment' of psychosis." The man's voice told her to kill her kids and herself because it "was her last chance." However, prosecutors maintain that right after the murders, she wrote on a whiteboard asking if she needed an attorney, which they say shows that she understood what she had done. 

What Is Her Current Mental State?


According to Reddington, Clancy is "not OK at all" and is "definitely a danger to herself." Clancy's lawyer hired psychologist Dr. Paul Zeizel to evaluate her, who Daily Mail that she is "extremely fatigued" and "in pain." He added: "She is flat as a board — she's wondering what is going on. There is not a lot of emoting, though she did shed tears yesterday during the court hearing."

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