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King Charles' Second Royal Wedding "Was a Heck of a Party," Royal Insider Reveals

The second marriage of the King was a little different from his first. 

Royal weddings are a serious extravaganza: Queen Elizabeth's wedding to Prince Philip, King Charles' to Princess Diana, Prince William's to Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry's to Meghan Markle all went down in the books as some of the most elaborate and expensive vow tradings of all time. The huge celebrations were also viewed by millions of people around the world and talked about for several months before and after they went down. However, there is one royal wedding that wasn't as high profile and happened to be more fun than formal: Charles' wedding to his second wife, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall. Apparently, it "was a heck of a party." Read on to see why. 

They Wed in a Very Small and Intimate Ceremony


Charles and Camilla, both previously married before, opted to have a small civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall with just their family in attendance. Not even Charles' mother, Queen Elizabeth and father, Prince Philip, attended the trading of vows.

The Ceremony Was Followed By a Celebration

Prince Charles

After the intimate service, the future King celebrated his vows with a reception at the royal residence. One wedding guest recently told Slingo that the celebration was "a heck of a party."  

A Former Butler Was Invited


Former royal butler Grant Harrold, who worked for Charles for seven years, was shocked when he got a "personal invite" to the celebration. "I hadn't been there long enough [as staff] to go, but I got a call from Clarence House saying the Prince and the Duchess would personally like to invite me to the wedding," he said.

It Was "A Heck of a Party"

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Speaking of the nuptials, Harrold declared it a "joyous occasion" and revealed that the after-party was a blowout. "It was amazing! An amazing day, an amazing venue. There was a blessing, then they had the reception at Windsor Castle and that was a heck of a party," he said. 

There Were Lots of Royals and Celebrities in Attendance

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II at opening of Royal Open Air Theater, Scarborough, North Yorkshire

He added that there were a lot of celebrities and royals on the guest list. "It's not like your average party, there's the Queen, there's Princess Anne, Prince Edward, there's Stephen Fry. Every time I turned around there was another [famous face]," he said. "It was a joyous occasion and great fun. I was outside when you saw William and Harry chasing after the cars as they drove off."

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