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King Charles is Ready to "Shift the Spotlight" From Harry and Meghan, Expert Claims

Expect the King to reign in 2023.

The first few months of King Charles' reign have been overshadowed in a significant way. When Queen Elizabeth died in September, Charles' youngest son, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle, were in the beginning stages of their attack on the monarchy. Mehgan's accusatory interview with New York Magazine's The Cut had just been published, and the couple's Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, was expected to be dropped anytime soon. And then there was Harry's tell-all biography, Spare, initially set to be published prior to the holiday season.

As the former working Royals started throwing allegations toward everyone in the family, including Prince William and King Charles, the King chose to remain relatively quiet and avoid stirring the pot. And now, with the coronation coming up in a few months, he hopes to shift the spotlight away from his son and daughter-in-law for good. 

The King Hopes the Attention Will Shift Away From Harry and Meghan, Expert Claims

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan

In a new editorial titled The King is about to shift the spotlight from the Sussexes, Camilla Tominey writes for The Telegraph that King Charles is hoping that in 2023, the attention will finally shift away from Harry and Meghan. This will start with the May coronation of the King.

The Coronation Will Be the "Grandest" Occasion of 2023, Expert Predicts


The coronation will be the "grandest" occasion of 2023, as it will mark the first time a new monarch is crowned in over 70 years. "Forget talk of this being a shoestring affair," writes Tominey.

"While courtiers remain ever mindful of the need to offer value for money during a continuing cost of living crisis, the world can expect the pomp and pageantry of 1953 but with a modern twist."

Charles Will Be "The Key Royal to Watch" in 2023, According to Expert


She adds that he might be the "oldest British sovereign ever to be crowned," but that "he remains the key royal to watch" in 2023. Who else will be on the people's radar? "Before the holy anointing oil is prepared, and the orb and sceptre polished, there is the small matter of Spare, the Duke of Sussex's autobiography, to consider," Tominey points out. 

Harry and Meghan Will "Continue to Share Their Truth," Expert Claims


"With Harry and Meghan having already agreed to serve up a large slice of their Californian life for a fly-on-the-wall Netflix series, the couple remain on the 2023 watch list as they continue to share their 'truth' on Megxit," Tominey continues. 

"Bombshells" Will "Drop with Little Reaction," Expert Predicts


"Don't expect a running commentary from the so-called men in grey suits though, with aides resolved to let the bombshells drop with little reaction, as they did with the six-part docuseries," Tominey continues. "Anyone hoping 2023 might see peace and reconciliation brokered between the Royals and their LA outlaws shouldn't hold their breath, however." 

Charles and William Are "Devastated" By the Sussexes' Attack, Expert Claims


"Although the palace has declined to comment on the Sussexes' decision to unleash on their nearest and dearest with tales of press collusion, bullying behaviour and 'institutional gaslighting,' there is little doubt the King and the Prince and Princess of Wales will have been left devastated by the very personal nature of the accusations – not to mention the timing. It is only four months since the death of Queen Elizabeth II," Tominey adds. 

William and Kate Will "Prove Pivotal," According to Expert


Tominey adds that as the Royal Family moves to "insulate itself from the after shock," William and Kate will "prove pivotal as the working royal yin to the Sussexes' non-working royal yang. With the future king and queen bolstered by the likes of the Princess Royal and the Earl and Countess of Wessex, not to mention key aides like his private secretary Sir Clive Alderton, the success of the King's first year will largely depend on a family under fire putting on a united front."

The Family Will Prevail, Expert Predicts


"The Queen may no longer be with us, but her famous quote about her brood being 'like all the best families,' in having 'our share of eccentricities, of impetuous and wayward youngsters and of family disagreements,' appears as pertinent for the year ahead as it has ever been," Tominey concludes.

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