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King Charles Will Not Support Disgraced Prince Andrew's Efforts to Get Back to Public Life. "No Way Back," Insider Claims

Insiders say Charles has no intention of helping Andrew rehabilitate his image.

King Charles III is reportedly making it clear he will not help his disgraced brother Prince Andrew rehabilitate his image and return to public life. The Duke of York, 62, reportedly wants to ease his way back into official duties through charity work—but insiders say the king has no intention of allowing it to happen. "Charles has made it clear there is no way back to public life for Andrew," a personal friend of the king told The Daily Beast. "If he wants to go and do charitable work that will be up to him."

Queen Elizabeth Suggested Andrew Pick Up Charity Work, Source Says

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Andrew has been dogged by controversy for years, culminating in him paying Virginia Giuffre $14m in an out of court settlement over her claims of sexual abuse. A source claims the late Queen Elizabeth II suggested Andrew could try charitable work as a way forward from all the scandal.

"Andrew's mother suggested the route forward was taking on a charitable cause," the source says. "Other members of the family agreed and saw it as his only way to rehabilitation."

Prince Andrew Settled to Help His Mother, Source Claims

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There is no evidence that the Queen, who stripped Andrew of his military roles and official charitable patronages, had this design for her son's future. Meanwhile, sources close to the prince say he only settled out of respect for his mother.

"When the Duke settled with Ms Giuffre, what's absolutely critical to know is that he did so to protect his late mother's Platinum Jubilee and to protect Her Majesty," a friend told The Daily Telegraph. "When officials at Buckingham Palace proposed this approach, he readily agreed for that reason – and that reason alone."

Prince Andrew Wants to Clear His Name, Sources Claim

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Sources say Prince Andrew is determined to clear his name. "He settled without admitting any guilt and has always resolutely insisted that he has been falsely accused. He's been utterly consistent about that for more than a decade," the friend continues. "But when he settled, it didn't clear his name. So there is a legal resolution, but this was always a three-stage process: legal resolution, followed by clearing his name, followed by whatever it is he wants to do next."

He is Stuck in "No-Man's Land," Source Says

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"You can't expect the Duke to live permanently in this no man's land with a legal resolution of a civil case, no investigation by any legal authority, let alone any charges," the friend says. "He's not been found guilty of anything in a court of law, yet in the court of public opinion, his name remains sullied because people think there is no smoke without fire. This isn't about victim shaming, but there are a number of crucial things that Ms Giuffre – who remains his sole accuser – has said which simply don't stack up. It's only a half-written story. The Duke and his team believe he's done nothing wrong but the rest of the world doesn't believe it and that's what needs to be addressed next."

Andrew's Rehabilitation Campaign "Is Just Getting" Weird, Expert Says

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Prince Andrew's attempts to return to royal duties have not been well received by the public. "The campaign to rehabilitate Prince Andrew is just getting weird," says Newsweek's chief royal correspondent Jack Royston. "We had, last week, Ghislaine Maxwell standing up from prison and giving an interview to TalkTV about Prince Andrew, in which she said the famous photograph of him with Virginia Giuffre was fake, and now we have a really bizarre front page of one of Britain's most-read broadsheets The Daily Telegraph, which shows a photo that we're led by the newspaper to believe kind of exonerates Prince Andrew… It's not really clear what they're trying to say anyway. This all takes place against the backdrop of anonymous sources suggesting that Andrew might attempt to stage another comeback."

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