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King Charles Jokes About "Temperamental" Troubles After "Pengate" Caused a Stir

The new King offered a little sense of humor after his notorious pen incident in September.

King Charles has lived in the public eye ever since he was born into the Royal Family. However, since the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, and his rise to the throne, all eyes are on his every single movement. But curiously enough, his most recent controversy doesn't have to do with another person, but a writing instrument! Just days after he transitioned from Prince to King, Charles had an encounter with a pen, the media has hilariously dubbed Pengate. This week, the King seemingly made light of the moment during a recent public appearance. 

The King Visited Dunfermline


On Monday, the King attended his first in-person event since the funeral of his dear mother. He visited Dunfermline with his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, to celebrate its new city status. He visited many parts of the newly minted city. 

He Made a Joke Referencing Pengate


During one of his stops, he was asked to sign a guest book and reportedly poked fun at Pengate, while holding a pen. "These things are so temperamental," he joked about the writing instrument. 

Pengate Involved a Leaky Pen


He was seemingly referring to the September 13 incident when he and his wife stopped at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast, Northern Ireland. According to footage, he was signing a visitor's book when he noticed he wrote the wrong date. Then, we went to allow his wife to sign the book, he realized the pen leaked on him. 

His Public Outburst Went Viral


"Oh god I hate this (pen)!" he spat. Camilla added the ink was "going everywhere," making him even more annoyed. "I can't bear this b****y thing! Every stinking time," he said walking away. The clip went viral and many memes were made at the King's expense.

This Wasn't His Only Infamous Incident with a Pen

Andrew Milligan – Pool/Getty Images

This wasn't his only pen encounter. During his ascension council, as he prepared to sign a document, the new King appeared to chastise one of his staff members for failing to clear his desk, feverishly gesturing to have his employee remove a tray of pens to make room for him to sign documents.

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