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King Charles Delivers Series of "Shattering Blows" to Disgraced Prince Andrew, Experts Claim. "He's On His Own."

After his sex scandal, the Prince has been dealt a series of blows.

After Prince Andrew stepped down from his Royal duties, the entire world wondered what his life would be like. According to multiple sources, the disgraced member of the family hoped that after the heat of sexual assault allegations cooled down, he would be able to step back into public life.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth and King Charles' ascension to the throne, Prince Andrew reportedly met with his older brother in hopes of returning to some of his duties, but Charles shot him down. And, in the months following, Andrew has been dealt a series of "shattering blows" by his brother. 

Prince Andrew Will Reportedly No Longer Be Allowed Taxpayer Funded Security


According to The Sun on Sunday, One of the significant blows Prince Andrew has been dealt is losing his taxpayer-funded arm guards, which cost the country a whopping $3.6 million-a-year. Instead, the Prince will be offered protection from taser-Equipped private security, paid for by the King. 

It's a "Shattering Blow to His Ego," According to Reports


 "It is a shattering blow to his ego," a source told the publication about Andrew losing his high profile security. "Made worse by the fact if he cannot afford it, he'd be cap in hand begging for money from his older brother."

His Reportedly Most "Coveted Title" Was Given to Queen Camilla


The Duke of York also lost one of his most prized titles, Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. It was recently revealed that his brother's wife, Queen Camilla, was taking over the duty. According to The Telegraph, Andrew was quite fond of the title.

It Was His "Most Coveted Title," According to Reports


"The colonelcy was his most coveted title and the loss was keenly felt," they write, adding that he lobbied his mother prior to her death to be reinstated. However, when King Charles took over, Buckingham Palace announced they were reshuffling regimental colonelcies and shockingly handed it down to his wife. 

Prince Andrew Also Reportedly Lost His Office at Buckingham Palace


Finally, Prince Andrew lost his office at Buckingham Palace. According to The Sun the Duke, who keeps a "modest" staff of three or four people, including an administrative secretary and a communications secretary who work out of the palace, was stripped of the perk. 

Prince Andrew Is "On His Own," Insider Claims

DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images

He will no longer be able to use the address anymore. "Any presence at the palace is officially over," a source told The Sun. "The King has made it clear. He isn't a working royal. He's on his own."

He Did Spend the Holidays with His Family

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

One thing Prince Andrew didn't lose was the ability to spend the holidays with his family. On Christmas, he was joined by his daughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice and their families, attending service at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Norfolk. 

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