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Kate Middleton Tops "Best Dressed" List. See How She Looks so Fabulous.

The Duchess of Cambridge has great taste and carries herself like royalty.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, just took the number one spot on Tatler's Best Dressed list. She's a "sovereign superstar," says the outlet, adding about a "modern duchess": "Everything should be perfectly tailored, embracing current catwalk trends through a lens of appropriate dress lengths and classic silhouettes. Oh, and plenty of Alessandra Rich." How does she look so amazing, all the time? Read on for the 5 best-kept secrets.

She is Personable and "Unfailingly Polished"

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton at the Elysee Palace with her husband the Duke of Cambidge

Kate topped the Tatler list, beating entrepreneur Vimbai Masiyiwa, animal activist Freya Aspinall, reality TV star Sophie Hermann and footballer Conor Gallagher. How does she do it? In the words of fashion bible Vogue: "Her royal tenure has been categorized by … modern-day princess moments, but also looks that ground her as a woman working to advance causes close to the hearts of the British public. A brilliant ambassador of the high street and homegrown talent, Kate uses her platform to shine a spotlight on UK craftsmanship and creativity. Her habit of rewearing favorite designer looks has added a conscious element to royal fashion, while her wardrobe binders—such as Breton tops and pussy-bow blouses – make her personable, as well as unfailingly polished." Read on to see why her personality helps, too, with new insights from experts.

She Layers in Affordable Pieces

Kate Middleton

As Lee Lucas, principal and CEO of the Fashion Retail Academy, told Glamour: "Ever since newspapers became widely available in the UK, the royal family has influenced people's style, and nowadays with the internet and social media at their disposal, it's even easier for people to mimic their outfit choices. In addition to well-known designers, Kate has been seen wearing high street names such as Zara, Topshop and Marks & Spencer, which immediately makes her more relatable to the British public and her fashion choices more accessible."

She Makes People Feel "Seen"

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit in Poland o/p Kate Middleton

People Magazine has a big cover story this week about Kate and her ability to connect with the masses. Surely this adds to her beauty. Kate "able to make each person feel that they are being seen for the three seconds she talks to them," author and historian Amanda Foreman, author of Queen Victoria's Buckingham Palace, tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story. Foreman says this "projects immediacy and makes it feel intimate, which is amazing — there are people who simply can't do that. It is training plus innate talent."

She Always Does Her Homework

Kate Middleton

"Catherine always does her homework and doesn't go on visits on a wing and a prayer," says an insider to People. "She has read the papers and puts in the effort. She is a hardworking person." 

She is Flawlessly Part of the Institution

Princess Kate Middleton, Prince William and Harry are seen on the steps of St Pauls catherdral.

"It's a personal willingness to conform to the requirements of the institution," says historian Sarah Gristwood, author of Elizabeth: Queen and Crown, to People. "That sounds like an unappealing, unglamorous virtue, but it's an important one if you're going to be a successful cog in the royal wheel."

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