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Kate Middleton Just Sent This Heartfelt Note to a 6-Year-Old Girl

Prince George got invited to a birthday, but the real gift this girl received was a letter from the royals.

Considering he is the future King of England, it isn't surprising that Prince George is already one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. While most kids get a handful of birthday party invitations, the 9-year-old son of Kate Middleton and Prince William, third in line to the British throne, is already getting invites to parties of people he doesn't know. And who can blame them for inviting him? What better birthday present is there than having a real life prince attend your party. However, seeing as though he is a member of the royal family, Prince George cannot attend every event he is invited to. According to a recent report, Kate Middleton was forced to decline an invite to a recent party, and she did so in the sweetest way. 

A Little Girl Invited the Royals, Including George, to Her Birthday Party

Prince George
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

According to the Express, a little girl invited Prince George to her 6th birthday party a few months ago. Unfortunately, the prince never showed up. 

The Palace Replied to the Letter

buckingham palace gate london

A few months later, Middleton, who likely receives heaps of mail on a daily basis, finally got to the invite. While the celebration was long over, she offered the gift of a lifetime: A letter from the palace. 

Their Response Was Lovely

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton at the Elysee Palace with her husband the Duke of Cambidge

The letter read: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have asked me to thank you for your letter, in which you invite Prince George to your 6th Birthday party. I am sorry that it took so long to reply. Their Royal Highnesses were extremely grateful for your kind invitation."

The Duke and Duchess Were "Immensely Touched"

Prince William with Kate

The royals declined, but with grace. "Having given careful consideration to the possibilities, however, I very much regret that Their Royal Highnesses reluctantly feel they have to decline. Nevertheless, I hope that you enjoyed your birthday," the letter continued. "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were immensely touched that you should take the trouble to write as you did to their son, Prince George. It really was most thoughtful of you and Their Royal Highnesses have asked me to send you their warmest thanks and best wishes."

The Little Girl Was Thrilled with the Letter

Hands of young woman holding handwritten letter

According to the mother of the girl, the letter was very appreciated. "Something amazing for her to keep," she responded on Twitter. After all, the second best gift to having a prince attend your party, is getting a letter from one!

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