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In Bizarre Road Rage Accident, Two Middle-Aged Men Fight Over Parking Spot Row Before Helping Each Other Get Back to Their Cars

They were literally wrestling on the tarmac.

Road rage doesn't just happen inside a car—two men in a parking lot got into an actual brawl after arguing over a parking space, and the footage of the incident went viral. The whole thing started after one of the men was blocked in by the other and couldn't back his car out of the spot. When he got out of his car to ask the other driver to move, the situation escalated into physical violence, with the two men grappling in public. Here's what video footage of the incident taken from the dashcam of a third vehicle shows.

Parking Lot Drama

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The two middle-aged men were in the parking lot of a Gap store in Brisbane, Australia, where the incident happened. The man who was parked was driving a Nissan SUV, while the man who was blocking him in was driving a BMW. When the Nissan driver asked the other man to move his car, things got ugly. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Stuck In Traffic

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The Nissan driver, tired of being trapped in the parking spot, got out of his car and went over to speak to the BMW driver. The BMW was also stuck in traffic in the lot. Whatever the Nissan driver said raised the man's blood pressure—he swore at the man and then jumped out of his BMW to confront him. 

Wrestling Twins

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The two men look strikingly similar, both sporting gray hair, sunglasses, and denim jeans/shorts. Video footage shows them confronting each other on the tarmac after the BMW driver got out of his car, yelling at each other before wrestling and trading blows. At one point, the Nissan driver's sunglasses went flying off.

Bizarre Response

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The BMW driver had the Nissan driver pinned to the floor and was yelling at him and pointing in his face. After telling him off for a few seconds, the BMW man helps him back up and gives him his sunglasses back. He then returns to his car as if nothing had happened.

What Just Happened?

Dash Cam Owners Australia

The Nissan driver looks understandably confused and stunned at what happened and appears to be taking note of the BMW license plate—possibly to report the incident. Queensland police say they were not aware of the brawl (although the video footage doesn't leave much room for interpretation). Traffic finally started moving after the incident, and the BMW drove away.

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