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Fort Worth Police Recruitment Video Goes Viral for Spoofing Used Car Commercial

“It doesn't matter if it's AM or PM, just send us that DM!”

It's not often a police video goes viral for pleasant reasons, but that's just what happened to the Fort Worth Police Department with their tongue-in-cheek new recruitment tactic. The video is clearly spoofing a car dealership, with an enthusiastic police officer showing off the many different police vehicles available for lucky potential recruits. "Yes, this is a silly video, but this is a very real video," says police Sgt. Amy Heise. "We need good people to apply to our department. We know a lot of other agencies are recruiting officers right now." Here's what the video shows.

Welcome To Fort Worth


The video is set in the style of a used car commercial, with a beaming officer taking you around and showing you what's available. "Well, howdy folks, Officer Big B here!" the officer says. "Are you looking for a new job? Are you ready to try something new that'll make a difference at doing something really great? Well, come join us here at the Fort Worth Police Department. We're hiring and we got it all. We got your patrol vehicles, we got your Explorers, we got your Tahoes, and we even got your F-150 responders—say what? Now, currently you may not have squat, but come join us here at the Fort Worth Police Department because we've got SWAT. Yes, sir. We've got your armored vehicles." Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Horses and Bikes


The officer goes on to show the horses available: "We've got our mounted unit right here. We have got our quarter horses, and even if you're lucky, maybe even a thoroughbred. That's right, folks, you're not gonna find more horsepower than what we got here for you right here in Fort Worth, Texas." And if you'd rather "hopper on a chopper," there are motorbikes and pedal bikes available too ("the only footprint you're going to leave is on the pedal").

We Take Trade-Ins


Fort Worth isn't just looking for new recruits—seasoned officers are welcome, too. "Folks, we've got an amazing lateral program right here for all of you officers that are out there saying, 'You know what? I'd like to make a change for a little more ka-ching!' That's right folks, come visit us here if your credit's good where you're at right now, because we'd like to give you a chance to do that happy dance."

Step Right Up!


The officer—who is only just starting to sound out of breath—wraps things up by encouraging people to contact the department. "Now, folks, I could go on and on about the amazing things that we got right here for you at the Fort Worth Police Department, but don't take my word for it. Give us a call, send us an email. It doesn't matter if it's AM or PM. Just send us that DM, and I'll tell you what, you talk to that recruiter, and you tell 'em Officer Big B sent me here, and you come join us right here at the Fort Worth Police Department in Fort Worth, Texas."



The video has received a great response from the public, the police department says. "We've gotten a lot of positive feedback about it," Heise says. "We're getting people reaching out to us from inside Texas, outside of Texas, outside of the country, with a lot of people wanting to join the department. We are very happy." Interested in working for the Fort Worth Police Department? The sheriff's office and other agencies are holding a job fair on October 15. 

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