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9 First Date Behaviors That Are Major Red Flags

Don't move on to date number two if you notice any of these behaviors. 

One of the most common thoughts people have at the end of a relationship? I should have seen the red flags. In retrospect, it is easy to identify the signs and signals that should have been enough to put a stop to a relationship before it ever started. According to The Telegraph, there are nine behaviors to look out for on your first date. If you notice any of them, don't go on a second. 

They Don't Love Animals


Not everyone loves every single animal. However, if your date simply hates all of them or says things like they're "not really a dog person" – or any type of pet person whatsoever – it's a sign. "While it's fine to have a distaste for one, or even several, species, people who hate all animals are a red flag," they claim. 

They Talk Excessively About Their Parents


They also warn against people who go on and on about their parents, "lionizing" them. "If their conversational gambits include an in-depth account of father's legendary 1998 merger that saw them move from a flat in Woking to a mansion in West Clandon, or how mother was robbed in the New Year's Honours List, be warned. You'll never measure up," they warn. 

They Can't Cook Anything


While you can't expect everyone to cook a gourmet meal, if they can't cook a thing it will eventually be an issue because "you'll end up doing this for the rest of your life," they point out. Another quasi-red flag? They can cook "but use every pot, pan and gadget in the kitchen."

Calling Their Sports Team "We"


Unless you want to spend your life glued to the screen and mood-dependant on whether their team wins or loses, run away if they use the royal "we" when talking about the team they are rooting for. 

They Troll, Don't Talk to Exes, Or Are a Psychopath


If they have no contact with any exes, or too much contact, on the flip side, beware. Also, look out for anyone who trolls other people on the internet or seems like a psychopath.

Their House Is a Mess


If their home is a pigsty, run the other way. "If they haven't bothered to tidy up for you during the first flush of love, it's only going to get worse. Messy people's habits tend to be deeply ingrained and are generally a result of having had someone else tidy up after them. Which is what you'll end up doing, unless you can afford a maid," they say. 

They Start Sentences with "My Therapist Says"


While there is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist, if they start most sentences with "my therapist says…" they might be too dependent on someone "who only listens to you because they're paid to."

They Try to Change Your Look


If they are trying to change your look early in the relationship, it's a warning sign. They maintain that they will soon be trying to change everything about you. 

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They Love Bomb You


Love bombing is another serious warning sign. Basically, if they shower you with gifts or too many compliments immediately, there could be some control issues of concern. Affection should take a little time. 

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