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A Dog Desperately Tries to Wake Up Sleeping Pig Friend and Internet Loves It

Anyone with kids will relate entirely too much to this viral Reddit video.

Have you ever attempted to wake someone up, who is just so completely passed out that nothing you do or say even stirs them? On the flip side, have you ever been that sleeping person? If the answer is yes, then you will totally relate to an adorable video making the rounds on Reddit, starring a frisky Siberian Husky pup and his enormous pig pal.

In the clip, the energized dog does everything in his power to try and awake the sleeping, snoring pig. He jumps on him over and over again, barks at him, and paws him. Finally, after many attempts, the pig, startled, snorts himself awake. And the dog? He seems to realize that maybe he shouldn't have been so aggressive in waking his friend up, and seems to run off. 

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"The pig is me."

A lot of people on Reddit seem to relate to the pig, who many users identified as a pot bellied pig. "I am the pig. The pig is me. Everyday. All day," wrote one. "I feel ill today and whilst I am the pig, my toddler son is definitely the damn dog," commented another. "When its christmas morning and the kids are trying to wake their parents," someone else interpreted the video. 

"And here we have a dog attempting to wake the sleeping pig from its slumber, attacking the pig with all of its might," commented one user. 

And then, "Dog: What a majestic creature. I'm going to poke it. Dog: poke poke poke, pig gets up, Dog: HE'S ANGRY."

"I like to think the dog thought the pig was dying and administered CPR then was surprised it survived," one creative user added. 

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A pig in the bedroom

Another person pointed out that nobody had commented about the fact that someone out there lets a pig sleep in their bedroom. "People are commenting like this is just another video with a pig in some bedroom. Any reason for this? I sometimes get flies in by room, is it the same but with pigs in some strange part of the world?"

In case you are considering adding a pot bellied pig to your family, one user revealed that some people actually have the same relationship to the swine as they do their dog. "They're trained not to poop in the house and they bathe them regularly." 

But, one brilliant Reddit fan perfectly summed up the moral of the story: "Maybe he will learn to let sleeping hogs lie."

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