Moment California Delivery Driver Stops Suspect From Stealing Her Car With Kid Inside

The would-be car thief drove off with a kid still in the car.

A DoorDash driver ran after a carjacker who stole her vehicle while her child was still inside. The delivery woman had left the engine running while completing a customer order, and the would-be thief took advantage of that to jump in the car and drive away. The woman quickly realized what was happening and ran after the car, screaming that her kid was inside. The suspect got out of the vehicle while letting it roll to a stop on the sidewalk across the street. Here's what happened and how the police are handling the incident.

Child Was Not Harmed


Surveillance footage shows an SUV driving up to the idling car, and a person jumping out. The person then climbed into the driver's side of the DoorDash vehicle and attempted to drive away before the woman chased them down. Luckily the child was unharmed during the incident.

Crime Of Opportunity


The Oakland Police Department released a statement confirming what happened. "When officers arrived, they learned that when a victim stepped away from their vehicle momentarily, an unknown individual entered the vehicle and proceeded to drive away. The individual stopped and exited the vehicle moments later," the Oakland Police Department told Fox News Digital.

Police Is Looking For Tips


Oakland Police are asking for the public's help in finding the carjacker or offering any useful information. "This is an ongoing investigation," Oakland police say. "Anyone with information is asked to contact the OPD Criminal Investigation Division at (510) 238-3326."

DoorDash Responds


Doordash have responded to the incident with a statement, saying they are glad it turned out the way it did. "This attempted carjacking was a horrifying situation for the driver, and we are incredibly relieved that both she and her child are unharmed."

Never Leave Kids In Car


Experts are reminding parents and caregivers never to leave their children alone in the car. "Kids and Car Safety is so glad that this little one is OK," says Amber Rollins, director of Kids and Car Safety. "Children should not be taken along during personal vehicle delivery jobs if they're going to be left alone inside the vehicle for any amount of time. This leaves them vulnerable to these situations that are happening at alarming rates."

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