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Wild Moment Deer Charges Full Speed Through Glass Doors of Butcher Shop

The whole thing was caught on camera. 

What happens when a deer walks into a butcher shop? It sounds like the beginning of a good joke. However, according to the owner of a Minnesota butcher shop, there isn't actually a good punchline – only thousands of dollars worth of damage. On Saturday, a female deer, aka a doe, crashed into the front door of a meat market in the midwest, and chaos ensued. Luckily the whole thing was caught on camera. 

A Deer Ran Through the Glass Door of a Minnesota Butcher


Security camera filmed the moment a deer ran into the front door of She Said Butcher Shop in Moorhead, Minnesota. The animal shattered the glass and slipped on the cement before scrambling around the store and doing some damage. Eventually, after kicking a hole in the wall and knocking over potted plants, she exited the exact same way she came in – through the hole in the glass door. 

She Did "Quite a Bit of Damage"


"She Said will be closed the rest of the day. A deer decided to come in and warm up but realized it is a butcher shop and high-tailed it right back out. She caused quite a bit of damage on her way in and out. Hopefully, we will be back up and running by Monday but stay tuned for updates," the owner, Melissa Evans, joked in a Facebook post. 

The Owner Says It Was a "Pretty Terrifying Experience"


"This was truly an ordeal and I am really not sure who was more scared at the time me or the deer, but it was a pretty terrifying experience overall," she wrote in another Facebook post. "

Luckily, No One Else Was Injured


"Other than a smashed door, a hole in the wall and a few broken plants, everything else came out unscathed and I am thankful, because it could have been so much worse, not only with damages, but potentially could have seriously hurt someone."

The Owner Was in the Backroom When It Happened


Evan told KVLY news that she was working in the back room when the deer crashed into her store. She heard the noise and thought either a plant fell over or a car crashed into the window. However, after looking at the sales floor, she saw the deer. 

It Was "Complete Pandemonium"


"When I came around the corner the deer was the last thing I would have imagined it was chaos to say the least," Evans told the outlet. Just complete pandemonium. My kid was screaming why is there a deer in here, why is there a deer in here." The deer has not been identified and it isn't clear whether they survived the accident. 

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