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Cops Bust Octogenarians Clashing Over Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at Farmer's Market

A political difference got heated.

Going to a farmer's market, you generally find low-key individuals who appreciate organic, sustainably raised fresh produce, meats, and other foods. Sometimes there is even live folk music or other types of entertainment. Generally, the vibe is overall very gentle and holistic. However, this week a fight nearly broke out in one Hudson Valley, New York farmer's market that didn't exactly fit the profile. 

There Was a Fight Over Politics at a Farmer's Market in Upstate New York


Last week, people gathered at a farmer's market in Rhinebeck, New York. The event became a politically charged showdown when a senior citizen got up in arms about politics. 

A Supporter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Sat Next to Biden Supporters


The democratic party had a table set up in support of Joe Biden. However, an 83-year-old Robert F. Kennedy Jr. supporter wasn't happy about it and decided to cause trouble. 

He Started on an Anti-Vaxx Campaign


The Daily Beast reported that Frank Stoppenbach set up a table for Kennedy next to the Biden table without permission. "​When people came up, he talked to them about, you know, vaccines are bad, and masking is bad, and all the stuff that RFK says," claimed Larry Cox, a member of the pro-Biden group. 

The Biden Supporters Didn't Want People to Think "He Was Part of Us"

President Elect Joe Biden walking with supporters at a pre-Wing Ding march from Molly McGowan Park in Clear Lake, Iowa.

The Biden supporters weren't happy because people mistakenly associated them with the man. "The problem is that, being right next to us, people were thinking that he was part of us," added Cox. 

The Police Had to Get Involved


Eventually, things got so heated that the Rhinebeck police department, a part-time force, had to get involved. 

The Man Doesn't Seem to Care


"I simply park where people come by," Stoppenbach argued. "I guess there may have been some people not happy with having a Kennedy appearance at the market."

The Biden Supporters Call the Views "Abhorrent and Crazy"

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"We asked him to move some other place so that people wouldn't be confused, which he didn't want to do," Cox said. "We don't want to be associated in any way with RFK, Jr., and especially with his views, which we all agree are abhorrent and crazy," Cox explained.

The Man "Got Very Agitated" About an Anti-RFK Jr. Poster

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

When the Biden supporters held up an anti-RFK Jr. poster, which blocked some of Stoppenbach's signage, "he got very agitated about that," said Cox.  "It wasn't any sort of, as far as I know, any physical confrontation. Just an old guy with crazy ideas. Which, you know, there's no shortage of in the United States these days."

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The Man Might Return to the Farmer's Market This Weekend


Stoppenbach may return to the farmer's market next week. "I'm 83 years old, so I don't quite have the energy I did when I was a young guy running for Congress," he said. "But," he added. "You never know."

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