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Workers Fall Into Tank of Chocolate in M&M/Mars Factory, as Firefighters Come to Rescue

The workers were performing maintenance duties at the time.

In a scene straight out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the Mars Wrigley company was fined after two factory workers fell into a vat of chocolate, sustaining injuries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the injured employees were not authorized to work in tanks at the factory in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. OSHA also claims the workers did not receive safety training for the equipment being used. Here's how the workers fell in.

The Workers Were Outside Hires


The workers were reportedly hired from outside the company to perform maintenance work at the M&Ms/Mars factory in June 2022. While performing their duties, the two workers managed to somehow fall into a vat of milk chocolate destined to become candy bars such as Twix and Snickers bars. It is not clear how or why the two fell into the chocolate. 

Tricky Rescue Operation


Getting the workers out of the vat proved difficult. "Fire crews have eliminated pulling them straight out of a tank," said Brad Wolfe, communications supervisor for Lancaster County 911 dispatch. "They have to cut a hole in the side of the tank to get them out."

A Hole Had To Be Cut In the Tank


Emergency teams cut a hole in the side of the vat to get the two people out of the chocolate soup. They were then taken to the hospital. "One patient was transported by ground and one person was transported by helicopter," says Assistant Supervisor Nick Schoenberger of Lancaster County 911 Dispatch.

Mars Wrigley Responds


Mars Wrigley responded to the incident, saying it was focused on the rescue operation. "We are actively managing the situation and our primary focus is supporting emergency teams on site," Mars Wrigley said. OSHA fined the company $14,502 over the accident, accusing them of a "serious" breach of health and safety workplace laws.

Worker Safety Comes First


Mars Wrigley emphasizes the importance of worker safety in their factories. "As always, we appreciate OSHA's collaborative approach to working with us to conduct the after-action review," a representative said. The added worker safety was " a top priority for our business."

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