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Cat Food Brand to Let Humans Eat "Fancy Feast"

Book a table at the cat food inspired restaurant and feast like a feline!

Have you ever wanted to eat like your cat? Whether the answer is yes or no, Fancy Feast has concocted a purrfect PR stunt to bring attention to their latest wet cat food offerings: A two-night experience for cat owners to eat gourmet meals inspired by canned cat food. Last week Fancy Feast announced the opening of "Gatto Bianco by Fancy Feast," a "limited-time, Italian-style trattoria and culinary experience" in New York City, to celebrate the "globally inspired" Medleys recipes. 

Gatto Bianco Will Feature Food For Humans Inspired By Cat Food

Gatto Bianco
Gatto Bianco Restaurant

Gatto Bianco (which translates to "White Cat") will feature a menu for humans "paying homage to traditional Italian cuisine" developed by Fancy Feast's in-house chef, Amanda Hassner, and Michelin Star winning Italian chef and acclaimed New York restaurateur Cesare Casella. According to a press release it will "bring the mealtime experience of cats to life for cat owners and cat lovers" and also feature a special appearance by the iconic Fancy Feast cat herself. 

Only 16 Cat Lovers Will Get to Enjoy the Fancy Feast

Fancy Feast
Fancy Feast

Gatto Bianco, located between the Far West Village and the Meatpacking District in New York City, will be open for dinner on Thursday, August 11 and Friday, August 12. Only four reservations per night are available, each for two guests over 21. "The 16 lucky cat lovers will enjoy a complimentary tasting menu that will transport them to Italy for the evening, as Chef Casella shares his Italian heritage and passion for cooking with a menu of authentic, Tuscan dishes, while Chef Hassner shares her culinary expertise to mirror the sensory experience of cats at mealtime," reads the press release. 

The Experience Will "Help Cat Owners Understand" How Cats Experience Food

Owner feeding cat at home

"Food has the power to connect us to others in meaningful ways and take us to places we have never been," said Hassner in the press release. "The same is true for our cats. The dishes at Gatto Bianco are prepared in ways that help cat owners understand how their cats experience food – from flavor, to texture, to form – in a way that only Fancy Feast can."

Chefs Will Explains How Cat Food Meals Are Created

Gatto Bianco
Gatto Bianco

Guests will also get an insider's look into how Fancy Feast cat food recipes are created "through a variety of delectable dishes and culinary exercises," says the press release. And, in case you didn't know, there is a Fancy Feast cookbook, published in 2021, and the restaurant experience will build on that. 

Here's What Is On the Menu

Gatto Bianco
Gatto Bianco

What will you be eating during your Fancy Feast experience? The menu is currently listed on Open Table

  • Branzino all'Isolana (Baked sea bass with tomato, capers, olives and a touch of oregano)
  • Salmone "Osso Buco" (Salmon in the style of osso buco with saffron risotto)
  • Costine alla Toscana con Rigatoni (Tuscan-style spare ribs with rigatoni)
  • Brasato di Manzo con Spinaci e Polenta (Braised beef in wine with spinach and polenta)
  • Panna Cotta al Limone (Lemon panna cotta)
  • Torta di Mandorle al Cioccolato (Almond cake studded with chocolate)
  • Affogato al Caffe (Vanilla ice cream with Espresso)

Here's How to Make a Reservation

Gatto Bianco
Gatto Bianco

Want to book a table at Gatto Bianco? Reservations will open for booking on Thursday, August 4 at 12:00 p.m. ET through OpenTable. To try and secure a table visit If you can't make it to the restaurant, you can enjoy recipes inspired by the menus by visiting Or, if you would rather your cat experience Fancy Feast Medleys, you can buy a can at your local grocer. 

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