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Female Beachgoer Records Hair-Raising Moment Beach Guards Carry Huge Crocodile From Water

“New fear unlocked in Bali.”

A dangerous crocodile is the last thing anyone wants to see while relaxing on a beautiful beach, but that's just what holidaymakers witnessed in Bali on Wednesday (January 4). Nicole Gonzales, from Wollongong, Australia, is on holiday in Bali with her husband and 12-year-old daughter and was shocked to see the giant reptile. Gonzales took a video of the incident and posted it online, saying, "First time for everything! Just saw a crocodile wash up on Legian Beach." Here's what the footage showed.

Commotion On the Beach

Balawista Badung/Instagram

Gonzales says she and the family were having a casual walk on the beach when they saw a big crowd of people gathering. Curious to see what was happening, they went over to investigate—and that's when Gonzales realized there was a dangerous reptile in their midst.

Family Stroll

Nicole Gonzales/Facebook

Gonzales says she had no idea the crowd was gathered because a crocodile had wandered onto the beach. "We were just walking along the street and saw a big group of people gathered on the beach," Gonzales told "I went down to the water to see what was happening and that's when I saw the crocodile."

Captured Croc

Nicole Gonzales/Facebook

Gonzales has no idea how the crocodile ended up on the beach but says she was surprised to see it. Video of the incident shows a group of guards holding the semi-restrained crocodile up and carrying it away from the water, followed by curious beachgoers. The crocodile had a sloth put over its eyes and was tied up.

Poor Animal


Social media responses to Gonzales' video ranged from terror to compassion for the crocodile. "New fear unlocked in Bali," one person commented. Another person said they hoped "it is treated humanely and taken to a sanctuary." "How awful for this poor animal, I can imagine how distressed it would be," another person said.

Escaped Crocodile?

Fred Gaghauna/Instagram

One of the commenters believes the crocodile might be a pet that managed to run away somehow and ended up on the beach. "A local told me it's a pet that's escaped its cage," the commenter said. "Police don't want to answer any questions about what's going to happen to it, (but it will likely go to the zoo)."

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