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7 Bombshells Dropped by Alex Murdaugh's Housekeeper

Blanca Simpson, a longtime employee of the family, offered lots of evidence for the prosecution. 

Of all the witnesses called to testify by the prosecution in the trial of Alex Murdaugh, accused of murdering his wife, Maggie, and son, Buster, at his hunting lodge in South Carolina, some of the most damning evidence against him has come from people on the Murdaugh payroll. On Friday, the former attorney's housekeeper, Blanca Simpson, who worked for the family for years, dropped several bombshells while on the stand, not only offering evidence fueling the fire that the crime was premeditated but also that Alex tried to get her to lie and may have destroyed evidence. 

She Says That Alex Insisted Maggie and Paul Meet Him at Moselle


Simpson claims that Alex insisted that Maggie and Paul meet him at the family hunting lodge, Moselle, on the day of the murders. At the time, Maggie was living mostly at their beach house and didn't want to leave. "She sounded like she was little disappointed," Simpson said. "

[Maggie] said Alex asked Paul to come home, too, because he's got to fix the mess up that CB had done," Simpson continued, referring to trees that had fallen over on the property after their groundskeeper, C.B. Rowe, planted them. 

Simpson Says Alex Made Her Go to the House to Cook Dinner


Simpson also revealed that Alex requested that she go to the house before Paul and Maggie to make it "the way Maggie liked." This included cooking the family a meal, cubed steak and gravy, white rice, and green beans, which she left "on the stove" per a text message exchange with Maggie.  

Most of the Clothes Alex Wore the Morning of the Murders Disappeared, She Claims

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On the morning of the murders, Simpson maintains that Alex was wearing a pair of khaki pants with a seafoam polo shirt, a blue sports coat, and some house shoes. However, after that morning, she "never" saw any of those items again, minus the khaki pants. 

However, the Khaki Pants He Was Wearing Were in the Shower Room, According to Simpson


The next morning she arrived at the house and noticed several "very unusual" things, including pots being in the fridge instead of on the stove or sink and Maggie's pajamas and underwear lying "neatly in the middle of the doorway" of the laundry room. And, in the shower room, there was a light puddle of water, a towel, and a pair of khaki pants – similar to what she saw Alex wearing the previous morning. She put the khaki pants in the washing machine. 

She Claims Alex Tried to Convince Her He Was Wearing a Different Shirt on the Day of the Murders


According to Simpson, two months following the murders Alex opened up a discussion about his outfit on the day of the murders, asking her if she remembered the Vineyard Vines shirt he was wearing, but she didn't. She said she remembers ironing his blue polo shirt, a different material from the Vineyard Vines shirt. "I remember a polo shirt," she said. "I didn't say anything, but I was kind of thrown back. I don't remember him wearing that shirt."

Simpson Identified Alex's Voice in the Video at the Dog Kennels


Alex has adamantly insisted he was nowhere near the dog kennels at the time that Maggie and Paul were murdered. However, Simpson is the fourth witness to identify his voice in a video taken by Paul shortly before he was shot to death. 

Maggie Allegedly Confided in Her That She Was "Concerned" About Alex "Not Being Truthful"

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Simpson also testified that Maggie confessed to her that she was concerned about family finances. She explained that Maggie broke down crying in a room with her about the situation. "She was concerned about the amount of money they were requesting on the lawsuit – $30m is what she told me," she said. Maggie told her that she felt "Alex was not being truthful to her about the lawsuit… she said 'he doesn't tell me everything,'" she testified. 

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