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A Woman Found Over $543 in Cash in Her KFC Sandwich. Here is What Happened Next.

That was definitely not what she ordered.

A woman in Jackson, Georgia got more than she bargained for when grabbing lunch from a local Kentucky Fried Chicken. Along with the sandwich she ordered, JoAnn Oliver discovered a packet with over $543 in cash hidden underneath her food. "That's my light bill and some," Oliver told Channel 2′s Tom Jones during Channel 2 Action News. Here's what happened next—and why it's so surprising.

An Unexpected Find

JoAnn Oliver was going through the KFC drive-thru on her lunch break when she noticed something unusual in the to-go bag: The restaurant had misplaced their daily deposit of $543.10 and somehow it ended up with Oliver's order. "I started counting it and when I got to $500, I stopped and just put it back in the envelope, closed the envelope, put the sandwich back the way I got it and just slid it to the side until the officer got here," Oliver told WSB-TV

Character and Integrity

City of Jackson Police Department, Georgia/Facebook

"Character and integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking!!!" the City of Jackson Police Department said in a statement posted on their Facebook page. "The Jackson Police Department would like to honor Mrs. Joann Oliver for her honesty and goodness. On Wednesday, September 14, 2022 Jackson Police were called to Mrs. Oliver's workplace. Mrs. Oliver had gone to a local restaurant drive through on her lunch break and returned to work to enjoy her lunch. When she opened her lunch, and removed her sandwich, she was surprised to find $543.10 in cash under her sandwich."

Saving Jobs


The local police claim that by returning the money, Oliver prevented the KFC manager from getting fired. "After investigating the find, it was determined that the restaurant's daily deposit had accidentally been placed in her sandwich bag," the statement continues. "Not only did Mrs. Oliver do the right thing but she saved the managers job. Mrs. Oliver thank you for reminding us that we have amazing Citizens in Jackson and its people like you that make us great!"

Medical Bills

KFC refunded Oliver's lunch fee and gave her a free meal. Oliver admits she was briefly tempted to keep the money as her husband is fighting cancer and there will be about $2 million in medical bills to pay. Instead, she called the police and returned the money. "If you don't do the right thing it's gonna come back on you," Oliver said. "I mean, it wasn't mine. I didn't need to keep it. I'll get mine in the future."

Well-Earned Kudos

Oliver's unselfish actions have earned her widespread public approval, with many people suggesting she start a GoFundMe for the medical bills. "Outstanding! The world would be such a better place with more Mrs. Oliver's in it!!" one Facebook commenter said. "Thank you for giving a lot of people the hope that honesty and integrity is still alive and well," said another. "Mrs. Oliver you are one heck of a lady! Most people are inherently honest and decent. They just go along from day today and no one notices! You brought home the fact. Thank you!" another commenter added.

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