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15 Public Figures Americans Love and Hate: New Poll

From the least to the most popular.

A new Gallup poll assessing the popularity of 15 world figures had some surprising conclusions. One: If Prince William could run for U.S. president, he'd probably walk away with the job. Another: A lot of Americans have no opinion about prominent members of the Supreme Court, whose opinions affect their daily lives. Read on to discover their rankings from the most to the least popular, along with President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and former President Donald Trump. 

Prince William of England


Prince William is viewed favorably by 59% of Americans and unfavorably by 22%. That places him far ahead of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris (read on to see how they fared in the poll).

Voldomyr Zelynskyy


The president of Ukraine has a 57% favorable rating and 29% unfavorable. Fourteen percent of respondents said they hadn't heard of Zelynskyy or had no opinion of him.

Jill Biden

Wikimedia Commons

The First Lady is viewed favorably by 49% of Americans and unfavorably by 38%, with 13% saying they have no opinion. This falls in line with previous popularity polling of presidents and their spouses—first ladies traditionally rate higher.

King Charles of England


The newly crowned king of the UK attained a 46% favorable, 37% unfavorable rating, with the remainder claiming unfamiliarity or no opinion. 

John Roberts


The chief justice of the Supreme Court is viewed favorably by 43%, unfavorably by 30%, with a significant 27% saying they've never heard of him or have no opinion. 

Donald Trump


The twice-impeached, thrice criminally indicted former president has a 41% favorable and 55% unfavorable rating, according to the poll, with 3% saying they had never heard of him or had no opinion.

Joe Biden


The current U.S. president ties Trump in favorability—41% of Americans view him positively. He has a slightly higher unfavorable rating: 57%. Two percent claim unfamiliarity or no opinion about him.

Clarence Thomas

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Thomas, who has served on the Supreme Court since 1991 and had recently been the focus of articles questioning his financial dealings with lawyers coming before the court, is viewed favorably by 39% of Americans and unfavorably by 42%. Nineteen percent said they'd never heard of him or have no opinion. 

Kamala Harris


The current vice president is viewed favorably by 38% of Americans and unfavorably by 53%, according to the poll.

Kevin McCarthy


The Republican Speaker of the House scored a 37% favorable, 44% unfavorable rating in the survey. Nineteen percent of respondents said they had never heard of him or had no opinion.

Ron DeSantis


The current Florida governor and candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination is viewed favorably by 37% of Americans and unfavorably by 48%, according to the poll. Fifteen percent said they didn't know about him or had no opinion.

Mike Pence

VIce-Presidential candidate Michael "Mike" Pence addresses the Republican National Convention in the Quicken Arena.

Donald Trump's vice president, a current candidate for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, has a 35% favorable, 52% unfavorable rating, according to the survey.

Hakeem Jeffries


A large plurality of Americans haven't formed an opinion about the House Democratic leader, who succeeded Nancy Pelosi in that role in January. The poll found he's viewed equally favorably and unfavorably—31% each—with 37% saying they don't know him or don't have an opinion.

Merrick Garland

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Attorney General Garland, who has been highly visible in naming special counsels to investigate former president Trump and Hunter Biden, is viewed favorably by 31% of Americans, unfavorably by 35%, with 35% saying they're unfamiliar with him or have no opinion. 

Vladimir Putin


Russia's president is viewed favorably by 5% of Americans, unfavorably by 90%, with only 5% claiming they haven't heard of him or have no opinion about him.

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