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King Charles' "Real Boss" Unveiled. He Does Nothing Without This Person's Approval, Says Royal Insider

Someone has been by the side of the King for decades.

Throughout his entire professional career, the closest thing to a "boss" that Prince Charles ever had was his mother, the Queen of England. Now that his mother has passed away and he has risen to the throne as King Charles, it might seem as though he is finally in control. However, according to a Royal Expert, this isn't the case. In fact, the insider claims that the highest ranking royal has always been under the influence of another member of the Royal Family, who remains his "boss" (her words) to this day.

Camilla, the Queen Consort, Is His "Real Boss," Claims Insider


Julian Payne, communications secretary to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall from 2016 to 2021, explains in a lengthy feature for The Sunday Times, that King Charles' wife, the Queen Consort Camilla, wears the pants in their marriage. In fact, she is basically the King's "real boss."

She Is the Royal Family's "Greatest Secret Weapon"


She explains that when she first met the Duchess of Cornwall, now Queen Consort, while interviewing for the prestigious job as communications secretary to their royal highnesses in late 2015, she was "reminded" that "if the Queen Consort did not approve of you then you would not get the job, no matter how successful you had been in the process up to that point," she said. "Luckily for me, the person I met that morning was a kind, empathetic and extremely welcoming individual — a world away from the caricature that had existed in years gone by. After just 20 minutes it was immediately clear why, for those that have met her, she is one of the most popular members of the royal family and for the rest, she is perhaps its greatest secret weapon."

She Is a "Perfect Ally to the King"


Payne added that one of Camilla's best assets and what makes her a "perfect ally to the King" is that she has "lived in both places" as a royal and commoner. "Members of the royal family are, by nature of their birth, unable to get entirely outside the bubble so they benefit from others who can provide additional context," she writes. "The Queen Consort knows just how to do that. Whether it was encouraging the King to join in at engagements such as a tea dance or driving a classic car around the streets of Old Havana on an official visit to Cuba, she brought a sense of fun to the King's work as Prince of Wales," she added. 

She Is a Perfect Partner


While Payne explained that the Queen Consort was a "perfect partner" due to her "duty and service, mixed with a healthy sense of humor," she pointed out that she was also an "excellent advisor" for her husband as she knew how to handle the press. She also notes that her passion for charity is also an asset. 

Hopefully She Will Get the Recognition "She Thoroughly Deserves"

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"In many ways the King and Queen Consort are like so many other happily married couples. They go for walks with their rescue dogs, they share a love of reading and classical music, and they spend as much time with their children and grandchildren as they can. But unlike others of a similar age, the King and Queen Consort are about to enter a new chapter of their public life at a time when many of us will have been retired for several years," Payne continues. "Nevertheless, in this next phase it will be the Queen Consort's loyal service, her love for her husband and an innate understanding of what it means to serve the institution that will carry her on. It could perhaps even see her emerge with the respect and affection from the nation that, after so many years, she thoroughly deserves."

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