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"Jeopardy!" Contestant Details Buzzer Trouble

She opened up about the technical struggles on the show. 

To get on the show Jeopardy!, individuals need to bestow a library of random trivia in their heads. However, knowing the right question to the answer is only half the struggle for Jeopardy! contestants, according to a recent player, Alicia Korenman, who appeared on the show this week. On Thursday she took to the gameshow's stage and visibly struggled with her buzzer. In a new Reddit post she explains exactly what happened behind the scenes. 

Alicia Korenman Lost to Bryan White

After playing against Tenysa Santiago and returning champion Bryan White—he won the evening with $11,877—Alicia Korenman explained what went wrong. 

She Opened Up About It in a Reddit Post


"Hi, this is Alicia! First of all I want to echo everyone else and say how awesome our cohort was, I could not have asked for a nicer group to hang out with and experience this with! Special shout-out to Tenysa and the J! wardrobe team for encouraging me to wear that sweater (it's from Sleepy Peach)!" she wrote in a Reddit post

She "Really Struggled with Buzzer Timing In"


"As to the game…. I really struggled with buzzer timing in," she continued. "They actually came up to me at the first commercial break to tell me I was ringing in too early still, and so then I sort of figured it out and got on the board finally." 

The Experience Is "Still All a Blur" She Says


"So I was hoping for a better showing but the only thing I really regret is not buzzing in on the Latvia question, which I was pretty sure I knew but wavered too long about. (Apologies to my friend Indra on that one.) I actually haven't rewatched it yet (it's on at 7 here) so it's still all a blur and I'm sure I'll have more to say later on! Anyway, it was still an amazing time and I honestly still can't believe I was on Jeopardy!!"

Fans Praised Her

Jeopardy, Inc.

Fans praised her – not only for her "rad" sweater but her openness about the situation. Some also gave her major props for her tattoo of Maggie from the comic Love and Rockets, which she chatted to Mayim Bialik about on the show. "I cheered at the Love & Rockets shoutout!" a fan responded to the Reddit post. "I'm a big comics nerd so always happy when great indie comics get a bit of a spotlight."

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