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Donald Trump Blasts "Hostile" Fox News Anchor After Interview, Here is What He Said

The former POTUS accuses Bret Baier of being “nasty.”

It is no secret that Fox News is one of the most right-leaning news networks. However, just because the most-watched cable network in the country is conservative and remains mostly loyal to the Republican party, it doesn't mean that every news anchor is overly friendly to every politician who identifies with it. Case-in-point? Donald Trump. Last week Bret Baier, a popular Fox News anchor, interviewed the former POTUS, and according to the controversial politician, he didn't do a good enough job. 

Trump Sat Down with Baier for an Interview Last Week

FOX News

After hesitantly agreeing to an interview with Baier, who previously challenged his election fraud claims, the two sat down last week. And, the interview did not go swimmingly, according to Trump. 

Baier Challenged Trump, Telling Him He "Lost the 2020 Election"

FOX News

When Baier asked Trump how he was going to woo independent voters in 2024, he responded: "First of all, I won in 2020 by a lot." Baier then pushed back. "You lost the 2020 election," he said, bringing up all the recounts and failed lawsuits to challenge the election's outcome.

Trump Then Slammed Fox

FOX News

Trump then slammed Fox News, but Baier pointed out that "more independent voters watch Fox News than any other TV source." Trump spat back: "A lot less than they used to watch it." Later, Trump said, "I'm no great fan of Fox," to which Baier responded: "You're sitting here…"

This Week He Complained That Fox News Is "Hostile" Toward Him

FOX News

On Monday, Trump was asked about a potential debate moderated by Baier and Martha MacCallum. However, he complained that Fox News is "hostile" toward him and that he didn't see the point. 

Trump Said Baier Was "Nasty"

FOX News

"When I did the interview with Bret, I thought it was fine. I thought it was OK," Trump told Eric Bolling. "But there was nothing friendly about it. You know, it was nasty, and I thought I did a good job. I've been getting credit for doing a good job."

He Said the Interview Was "Like a Hit"

FOX News

He then personally attacked Baier for his disposition during the interview. "Everything was like an unfriendly… everything was unfriendly: no smiling, no 'Let's have fun, let's make America great again.' Everything was like a hit."

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