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Crocodile Takes Down Python in Epic Battle in Backyard

A new viral video depicts a snake and a crocodile violently hashing it out.

Long before the internet, people have been fascinated by animal versus animal encounters – especially those that are violent. Now that we have video-sharing platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, videos of animals facing off in deadly showdowns go viral on a daily basis, as the public can't get enough of animals gone wild in nature. The latest viral video making the rounds on the internet is of two very deadly animals: A python and a crocodile. 

A Python and Crocodile Go Head-to-Head


In the viral video, a crocodile savagely hashes it out with a python, one of the most deadly snakes in the world. Warning: It is brutal and violent. 

The Video Was Shared By an Influencer


The clip was shared on Instagram by Dev Shrestha, a blogger and YouTube content creator with over 90,000 followers who often shares viral clips of giant snakes in Asia.

He Captioned It "Crocodile Killing Snake"


"Crocodile killing Snake," he captioned the clip of the showdown.  

The Video Looks Like It Was Shot in a Backyard


While there is little information about the backstory of the video, it looks like it was shot in a backyard near a concrete pool. It also doesn't specify if the animals were out in the wild or if one of both were kept in captivity.

The Video Starts with the Crocodile Attacking the Snake


The video starts with the crocodile attacking the giant snake, lunging at him and biting his long body. The crocodile violently shakes its snout back and forth, and the snake thrashes around. 

The Snake Fights Back


The snake doesn't go down without a fight. It tries to bite the crocodile back and then wraps part of its body around the croc's head. 

The Crocodile Thrashes Around


The crocodile refuses to back down. It continues thrashing around, dominating the python in the showdown. 

At the End, the Snake Appears to Be Dead


At the end of the video, there is a clear winner. The snake appears to be limp and dying, succumbing to its fate in the jaws of the crocodile. 

Fans Commented on the Video

woman looks at laptop in shock

Fans were quick to comment on the crazy video. "Thats [SIC] some national geographic stuff there," wrote one.  "Good to see both of my ex fighting with each other," joked another. 

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Some Maintain That It Wasn't a Fair Fight


Others weren't so happy about the faceoff. "Feeding python to a croc is unfair," reads a popular comment. "Kinda like feeding a bunny to a snake is right? Enjoy the beautiful video. Crocco for the WiN," someone spat back at them. 

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