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Cop Flung From Kiddie Slide in Viral Video

Even police officers fail to follow the rules sometimes. 

Police officers are great at keeping the peace, fighting crime, and taking down bad guys. However, when it comes to partaking in children's playground activities, like going down a slide, they aren't quite as heroic. In a new, hilarious viral video, one Boston cop attempts to relive his youth by taking a ride down a giant, metal slide. However, his less-than-graceful trip down memory lane was caught on camera and is providing some major entertainment for the world. 

A Boston Cop Was Injured on a Playground Slide


In the video, the unnamed officer comes tumbling out of a metal slide feet first while on his belly. He bangs against the sides as he shoots out of the twisted tube. "A Boston Police officer sustained a head injury after a mishap at a playground on Congress St downtown. Boston EMS treated the officer," Live Boston captioned the video. 

He Launches Out of the Metal Slide and Hits the Ground


"Oh f**k," he says as he launches out of the slide and hits the ground. As he skids to a stop his handcuffs and other items from his belt fall away.

The "Epic Clip" Has Gone Viral


The video has gone viral on X, formerly known as Twitter, YouTube, and also TikTok. "Everything about this is perfect. the knocking/rattling getting louder as he comes down. the person filming giggling as they realize whats happening. the ragdoll physics as his nuts grind against the edge of the slide & he shoots out like a banana squeezed out of its peel. 10/10," quoted one person who shared the epic clip. 

People Have "So Many Questions" About the "Funniest Video" of 2023


"This is simply the funniest video I have seen in 2023," added someone else. "i have so many questions. why is he going backwards and on his stomach. why is he going so fast. did a child kick him down the slide? funniest thing i've ever seen," quipped another. 

The Officer Used His "Own Personal Medical Insurance" to Be Treated

Ambulance emergency car in motion blur.

A Boston Police spokesperson told The Boston Globe that the officer suffered minor injuries. "He was hurt and used his own personal medical insurance to be treated," Sergeant Detective John Boyle said. "He lost no time and has returned to work."

A Sign Clearly States the Slide Is Only to Be Used By Children 5 to 12

Google Maps

According to The Globe, the slide is the longest in the city and was unveiled in November 2022 as part of the new $95 million renovation to City Hall Plaza. Signs at the playground indicate that the slide is "not intended for adult use," and should only be used by children ages 5 to 12.


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