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Is This Chinese Zoo Bear Real or Human? Zoo Says it's a Bear

Angela the Malayan Sun Bear has become a tourist attraction. 

Zoo animals go viral for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they do cute or funny things. Others, they might be involved in something not-so-pleasant, like an attack on humans. This week a zoo animal in China has attracted international attention for a less conventional reason – zoogoers believe that one of the bears is actually a human in a bear costume. 

People Are Coming From All Over to See a Bear They Think Is a Human


The Hangzhou Zoo in China has experienced a 30 percent increase in visitors after videos and photos have gone viral of a bear standing up on two feet. Many are convinced the bear is actually a worker in a costume. 

Angela is a Malayan Sun Bear

As many as 20,000 people a day are visiting the zoo, in hopes of catching a glimpse of Angela the Malayan Sun Bear, who bares an uncanny resemblance to a human. 

They Come From Thousands of Miles Away


People are coming from all over, even thousands of miles away, to see the bear. "After seeing this bear standing up on the internet, I wanted to see how it looks in real life, so I came here," a man who gave his name as Mr You told a news outlet.

The Zoo Denies the Bear Is a Human


The zoo vehemently denies that Angela is anything but a bear. "I'm Angela the sun bear – I got a call after work yesterday from the head of the zoo asking if I was being lazy and skipped work today and found a human to take my place," a statement from the zoo reads.

They Insist It Is a Sun Bear


"Let me reiterate again to everyone that I am a sun bear – not a black bear, not a dog – a sun bear!" it continued. "Some people think I stand like a person. It seems you don't understand me very well."

They Also Point Out That Due to the Heat, A Person Couldn't Stand in the Suit All Day

Shanghai Daily/X

They also pointed out that extremely hot temperatures would make it pretty unbearable for a person to spend the day in a hot bear suit. "In the summer, temperatures can rise to nearly 40C. If a person did wear a bear costume, they would be lying down within minutes due to the heat," it said. 


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