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Cat Jumps Onto Field During Major League Baseball Game on Live TV

The true winner of the Marlins vs. Phillies game wasn’t a team, but a black and white cat. 

When it comes to professional sports, sometimes it isn't the athletes who become the main attraction. On Wednesday night the Philadelphia Phillies played the Miami Marlins at LoanDepot Park in the Sunshine State. During the first few innings, the actual game was overshadowed due to a VIP visitor at the stadium – a black and white cat. 

During the Live Broadcast of the Phillies Vs. Marlins Game a Cat Roamed in the Outfield


During the live broadcast of the game, the feline invader stole some major airtime, with commentators getting a kick out of the furry creature hopping a fence and enjoying roaming through the ivy in the outfield. 

The Broadcaster Compared It to an Unruly Fan the Night Before


The night prior, an unruly fan hopped over the outfield fence, similar to the cat. "We had a fan, which we didn't want to show, last night," one commentator said. "We have a cat tonight which we are okay to show. The cat doesn't really know any better."  

He Said, At Least It's Not a Black Cat


He added that the cat was "just hanging out." He also shared gratitude. "Thank goodness. At least it's not a black cat." 

The Fan Climbed the Wall "The Same Way"


"That's not the person who was on the field last night. Although he did climb the wall the same way," another broadcaster pointed out, showing footage of the cat. 

The Cat Was Eventually Captured by a Stadium Worker


"Just trying to find a way out or something to eat," he later said, showing more footage of the cat hanging out in the ivy. "Not a full-on black cat, but still a cat running around out there," he continued later on, as one of the stadium workers attempted to capture the kitty with a large piece of fabric. 

In Another Video, the Cat Scales the Wall


Someone else shared a video of the cat from another angle, successfully climbing up the outfield wall. "Kitty Cat taking in the Marlins Phillies game last night," he captioned it. 

During Spring Training, Another Cat Ran Across the Field


In February a different cat ran amuck at the same stadium during a spring training game between the Marlins and the Boston Red Sox. The cat ran across the field and almost jumped on the head of NESN's Tom Caron.

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