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20 Rattlesnakes Found Writhing in Man's Garage

A nightmare come true.

Fun (and creepy) fact: Arizona is home to more rattlesnakes than any other state in the country. You can find at least 15 types of venomous creatures across the Keystone State, including the most common and largest type, the diamondback. Finding one of these poisonous snakes slithering around your home is terrifying, so can you imagine discovering as many as twenty? This happened to an Arizona man, and the story is bone-chilling. 

Man Thought a Few Snakes Were Living in His Garage

Rattlesnake Solutions/Facebook

A Mesa, Arizona, man suspected that not one but three rattlesnakes were living in his garage. He hired a snake wrangler to take care of the problem, and what she discovered was shocking even to a professional. 

A Snake Wrangler Found 20

Rattlesnake Solutions/Facebook

A video posted to YouTube by Rattlesnake Solutions depicts the scene and sounds that went down when 20 rattlesnakes were disturbed, and it was terrifying and deafening.  

The Snakes Were Living Around a Hot Water Heater

Rattlesnake Solutions/Facebook

Snake wrangler Marissa Maki discovered the pile of snakes surrounding the man's hot water heater in his garage. She picked each one up with tongs. 

She Called It "Crazy"

Rattlesnake Solutions/Facebook

"That is a lot of snakes. … I'm not going to lie. This is crazy," Maki said in the video, dropping them into a bucket one by one.  

There Were Five Adults and 15 Babies

Rattlesnake Solutions/Facebook

"I'm guessing more than one of these (adults) was a mom that had babies," she continued. In total, five adult Western diamondbacks were found in the garage, one pregnant about "to pop any day now," she said. 

They Believe Up to 40 Snakes Had Lived There

Rattlesnake Solutions/Facebook

Company owner Bryan Hughes added that multiple skin sheds were found around the garage, implying that up to 40 snakes had been housed there. 

It Was a "Group Estivation and Rookery Site"

Rattlesnake Solutions/Facebook

"It looks like it's been a group estivation (hibernation) and rookery site for quite some time, so we'll never know how many rattlesnakes have come and gone over time," he said. 

It Was a Record Catch for the Company

Rattlesnake Solutions/Facebook

"This is our record for the most rattlesnakes caught in one call!" he added. 

The Owner Had Seen a Few Snakes in the Yard

Rattlesnake Solutions/Facebook

The property owner said he had seen adult rattlesnakes in the yard but tried "waiting them out," he said in the video. "I only saw them from peeking around the corner. I thought there was an adult."

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They Were Sneaking in and Out Via the Garage Door

Rattlesnake Solutions/Facebook

Maki added that the snakes likely got in via the lower side of the garage door and could get in and out easily. 

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